Bryant doesn’t put out. Evidence, that is.

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Bryant screams hoarsely from his blogs, “How can you deny my evidence?” But there’s nothing to deny as there is no evidence.

His supposed exposé on Goodreads that wasn’t only proved that people like to role play in groups, but Bryant keeps insisting he has evidence he doesn’t show and everyone’s expected to believe him anyway.

Obviously, I don’t believe him. Until he shows me something concrete about any of his claims, I doubt I ever will. But let’s take a closer look so you can see why I don’t believe him. And, unlike Bryant, I’m all about the evidence and I even include handy time lines!

Opening his brand new hate blog The Looking Glass Of Carroll Bryant on Sunday 27 January with Black Friday Is Coming! (whole post screen shot), he teased readers that he would expose Goodreads for pedophelia, something Bryant insists he has been accused of by many people on multiple occasions. This alone made me wonder if there was projection involved; however it’s when he intimated he had real evidence to show without mention of contacting the authorities (but the press instead) that many people, including  me, reported this instance to the proper law enforcement agencies.

He followed up on his threat Friday 1 February in the post Goodreads: Or Good Pedophelia?  (whole page screen shot) in which he accused an entire site and its administration of knowingly promoting and allowing pedophelia on Goodreads. However, the evidence shown was not evidence. It only shows that people like to role play in groups and nothing more.

After my blog post showing that quite a few people (myself included) contacted the proper authorities about this, he altered his own blog post to include FBI contact references and then made the following comments on his own blog to cover his tracks. You can see the original blog post here.

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Bryant’s “signature” has been to end with “What we learned today”. He altered his original post to include the FBI contact information that we posted about when his original hate post came out – inferring he had further evidence not shown, that he wanted everyone to make his post go viral, that he was planning on contacting the press and that he had not contacted law enforcement. Which, by the way, is why so many of us actually reported this to law enforcement in the first place.

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The day after my post about contacting the proper authorities came out, he posted the following comments to his blog.

The first one is a creepy threat directed to me because an anonymous comment he chose to put through to his blog pissed him off. Makes ya wanna take a bath in bleach, doesn’t it? Doesn’t even make me blink.

He then rampages against me for reporting his allegations – which was the proper thing to do and I commend everyone else who followed suit – by addressing me with this tidbit. Clearly upset he had been reported for his allegations of having further unreported evidence he was saving “for the newspapers”, this was the best explanation he could come up with, even a day later.

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Angry that I did the right thing when clearly he did not, he’s not happy that he can’t make money and fame off his allegations since I reported the incident to law enforcement and now he’s going to get me. Note: He would later keep insisting that I’m someone else, a blatant lie, and attempt to torture that person as payback for it. See all his “Gen is Amanda” mad man ravings. Lame, but it’s all he’s got to work with.

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A day later, two days after my post contacting law enforcement agencies, he then posts this comment. Note that it never says he contacted the authorities, only that he knows they have been contacted. He knows they’ve been contacted because he believes I’ve done it and I show screen shots of it in my original post. He pedals backward in an awkward fashion, trying to create anonymous comments for himself to answer to somehow explain his self-serving behaviour, a failing tactic he continues to employ to this day.

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The very same day, he posts yet another anonymous comment for himself to answer. In his reply, he credits me personally for making this happen and calls me a hero. Funny, that’s what the agent I’ve been working with said, too, but again I digress. Yes, he knows the matter’s been properly handled now because he knows I saw to it. When Bryant made bombastic claims then intimated he had actual evidence he would “release later” on his blog after “contacting newspapers” I decided someone needed to do the right thing and think of the people who might be hurt or harmed. And he’s never going to forgive me for it, either.

Granted, Bryant has a thing for me. One way or another, most of his blog posts tend to be about me. It bothers him incessantly that he doesn’t know who I am. That I use my real name and he still can’t find me bothers him even more. He knows nothing about me. He can’t understand why I would stand up to him on principle. I doubt he even understands what principles are. He’s played the victim ad nauseum and his Messiah complex has been well documented. But his quest is to make me pay for exposing him, no matter how much evidence-that’s-not-evidence he has to create to try to do it, is swiftly becoming that of blogger infamy.

For all his efforts, I’ve not budged. I’ve been behind the scenes cooperating with law enforcement, keeping in touch with agencies, clocking the issues and making posts that contain proper evidence. What I can’t say is even more important than what you’ll read here. He knows this and he can hear the clock tick.

No, Bryant doesn’t put out. Evidence, that is. But, much to his regret, I do. 

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