StLouisKiss is a Mister

We had to stop laughing before we could even think about addressing Carroll Bryant’s latest blog barf StLouisKiss is Amiss, screenshot here, There’s so much nonsense to cover in one short post that I’ll just walk you down the garden path of Socratic delights, shall I? 

Continuously referring to StLouisKiss as her and she, he quickly turns to straw man the entire thing, morphing into his tired and disproved “Gen is Amanda” dying rant – including hallucinations about blacked out names on screen shots. Never mind that he insists vehemently that he’s not profiting from STGRB’s donation button he so publicly champions, there’s a more important issue at stake here.
In AreaFive’s lovely post prior to Bryant’s barfery called I live to be helpful,. he clearly states StLouisKiss is not Gen Xavier. He is an elegant man who lives, works and drinks in London.
Yet Bryant, in all his chucklebuttery, decides again to throw those pesky facts aside and run with scissors precariously down the hallway, maintaining this gender reassignment as he presents all his other “facts”, surely just as well-researched and about as proven. 
Fact checking, it’s not for sissies. Try it sometime. It might help with those credibility issues. 

2 thoughts on “StLouisKiss is a Mister

  1. What is it with this man and his inability to use gender pronouns correctly? Can he not read? Does he only read this blog and scour for handy bits that might assist him in his little blog war? How can you miss this? Does he never fact check anything? This is a joke and so is he, credibility shot. If he was reporter, he's be fired. Most unattractive.

  2. StLouisKiss is not Gen Xavier. He is an elegant man who lives, works and drinks in London.

    How daft must you be to miss this? Something's amiss all right. Bryant's brain's on walkabout.

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