Starving To Death in the Grainbin

Not that it’s a surprise, but it’s patently obvious that Carroll Bryant is simply starved for attention. Only he can answer as to why, but it’s pretty clear he’s got a narcissism streak a mile wide.  It’s both easy and hard for someone to satisfy this need nowadays: too often using social media can seem like being in a silo full of quadrotriticale- the more you eat the less it’ll nourish you, until you starve to death via gluttony.  Or a box of Turkish Delight from the White Witch.  Maybe even a wafer-thin mint after a huge meal in a french restaurant.  And Bryant, true to form, not only the more he gets the more he wants, he’s not particular about how he gets it, even if it makes him look dumber ‘n dogshit in the process.  Plus it won’t benefit him in the least.

First, we’ll start with an attempt at manipulation so clumsy and ham-handed it has to be a result of watching too much Fox News.

Over the weekend I posted about my previous- and still standing- offer to Stop The Goodreads Bullies to at least try to temper a few things between our opposing parties-  a little internet detente (still no response to that, btw.).  The post was brief, but I’d told Genxpose they could have it so I deleted both it and another one from my blog and redirected people over here.  Everyone’s favorite resident from under the stairs didn’t let a little thing like that stop him from trying to turn it into something… anything.

Notice how his screenshot cuts off right there? That’s because if he’d posted the entire thing, linked to it or scrolled down just a few more lines, everyone would see the explanation for why I took them down and the links back to Genxpose to read them.  And he knows they’re there from reading the blog.  But c’mon- why would he include that shit?  And for real, son- if this is the best you can do…  Wait, I did tweet a few more porn stars yesterday- hope that helps.

There’s also his comic book villain-style attempts at… VENGEANCE!!!  CB bragged about and linked to three new ‘blogs’ he’d started, mentioned in a previous posting on this site.  The blogs in question were libelous at best, contained no new info and ended up being removed from the host site, though I’m sure that’ll be somehow spun in his favor.  Fact remains there was no reason to even start them, other than lashing out and he had nothing else going.  And since they’re gone now, he has even less.  How many times can you chew old soup?

Which brings us ’round to his continuous failures in logic.  Accusations that GenX is Amanda Welling were already dealt with and debunked once, to the point that both he and STGRB backed off their claims.  Bryant’s decided to restoke the fires, once again threatening to doxx her- God only knows why- but even STGRB has yet to join in on this.  Guess at least one of them learns from their mistakes. 

I’m really, really bored with this clown.  He’s got nothing but keeps trying to recycling it.  Like Syd Barrett, he’s running over the same old ground and finding the same old fears.  With all narcissists, the worst thing for them is to leave them be.  And unless he actually does something worth mentioning (which in his case would REALLY not be a good idea), that’s really the best option.  I doubt I’ll be making mention of him again.  Why should I?  Hell, why should anyone?  Let him starve.

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