Someone save Carroll Bryant. He can’t handle the truth, facts and evidence that we post in this blog and neither can his girlfriend Douthit Parker, although she ineffectively tries her best to save herself him in her latest post Amazon Reviews As Attack Weapons by Johnny Be Good, another of her sock accounts. Unfortunately, neither of them are very good at fact checking and I won’t even have to be awake to deconstruct this one.

After doc-dropping several people on this blog, they decided it would be a good tactic to try to silence me by insisting I was someone else.  It was a good play. After all, that’s how they silence all their opposition – with threats – but it backfired as they don’t know who I am, can’t find out and using other people against me doesn’t work. Suffice to say (oh, the behind the scenes on this one!) my name was swiftly removed from Douthit’s blog. This did not stop Bryant or Douthit from recycling their efforts many times, which another member of this blog recently addressed. They continued to bully the person with false accusations about her identity and they’re still at it – Bryant with his six three new blogs and Douthit with her latest “here I come to save you in my dented, rusted armor” post on her singularly-purposed hate blog against Goodreads.

Bryant gives birth to hate blogs like flies lay larvae. In less than two hours, he created, destroyed and recreated several revenge blogs. Only after his backside was suitably kicked by our quick-capturing group and he was publicly shamed for his malicious efforts did Douthit, posing as her alias Athena Parker’s alias Johnny Be Good, attempt to shoddily rescue him from soreness by tacking on a little section “proving my identity” in her latest book site attack. The problem is that’s not me. Oh, they know it’s not me but they’re doing it anyway. Why? Because it’s an excuse to hurt someone else who happens to be a Goodreads member.

Pardon as I momentarily tangent. Batman got the Joker. Holmes got Moriarty. Even the Roadrunner got Wile E. Coyote. Me? I get MelCarz, a bad lounge act from a long-retired cruise line, and it hardly seems fair. With as much as I kick both their posteriors with things like fact, logic, evidence and wit while filing my nails and dividing the National Debt by Pi, I’m starting to wonder if I should be insulted. It’s bad enough that Bryant has a boner for me and I don’t even get my own hate blog but now Douthit won’t even give me my own post. How hard does a girl have to work anyway? I keep telling them over and over “come get me” but they just can’t seem to muster up the courage. What do I have to do, hand them maps and flashlights?

There’s no doubt MelCarz is seething after the posts the group’s made this week end. Most notably, StLouisKiss posted Carroll Bryant approves of hate for profit right on top of Edward Blake’s inadvertent “donations button” bust When your blog is all about your butt hurt. That’s a lot of evidence to be angry about and I’m often a convenient popular target for both of them so this was not unexpected.

Well, we just received this screenshot from Carroll that he found on GenX’s blog.  It’s a shot Gen took of her 10 cent donation to the STGRB treasury.
Of course he found it on our blog, SLK posted it there and Bryant literally sits on our blog like a broody hen.  But you already know that’s not my donation. It was emailed, I blacked out the information for privacy’s sake and, when given permission to use it, shared it with staff and we sat on it until you saw it posted here. And how exactly did you become plural? Regardless of your bombastic sense of entitlement or how many created personalities you have competing for blog time, you are not the royal “we” so knock it off. 
Athena informed me that out of all the donations we’ve received so far, only one was a ten cent donation (which Athena declined) sent from a Jonathan Welling (look at the dates on both shots – January 11th):
He gave us that shot and permission to use it rather early on. So amazing is our self control that no one posted it until now. And about Jon? He’s a bit of a bad ass if you ask me (and I like that about him) and I don’t think he really cares if you know his name or he never would have handed it to you in the first place. And quit talking about yourself in third person and courting conversations with your socks. It only magnifies your stupid. 

So, it appears that Amanda Welling (aka GenX) used her husband’s paypal account to waste 10 cents. Carroll was right.  Amanda is GenX.  Good call, Carroll!

Like many people who contact this blog, we met when Jon reached out to us about you. Furthermore, your dumbassery seems to know no bounds. He obviously wanted to see what name you were using on the account. Why? Because apparently you’re stupid enough to commit PayPal fraud.

That’s right, Mensa rejects – PayPal fraud. Because I’m fairly certain that PayPal doesn’t take kindly to you using an alias to collect monies as your account there must be attached to a real bank account in order to receive any of the funds. Even when used as a fictitious middle man, that’s money fraud. By the way, this is how you know it’s not me – because I report everything unethical or questionable that you do – I would have reported you by now, and you and that account would be gone.

Oh, by the way, Athena wants all the trolls to know that any donation under a dollar will automatically be declined.  We’re not going to waste our time with mentally unstable trolls who obsess over us while waiting in concert lines.  Time to get a life, girls.

Yes, spend your time talking about yourself in third person and carrying on conversations with your sock accounts instead  Don’t “waste your time” getting busted by people who are smarter than you are. What’s the score? Jon 10, MelCarz -50. Tuck that shit in, your Texas-sized stupid’s showing. Time to fire whoever does your thinking for you and gather those hefty funds you’ve been collecting to hire new help. I think the Pope has an upcoming availability.

I knew she would give herself away sooner or later. Ever since her husband emailed me, I checked the ISP and compared it to the emails that GenX sent me and they matched! So I knew they used the same computer. 

Your evidence doesn’t exist. Do you refute me? Great. Put up or shut up, fat boy. Let’s see what you can trump up. Wait too long and everyone will know it’s something doctored you conjured out of your foaming backside so you better post it quick. Show these matching ISP’s. In fact, show matching IP addresses. Make it public so everyone can see that Jon and I don’t even live in the same state. you blithering fleshpot in want of a muzzle, and I wasn’t even in the country when I emailed you for clarification so I could fact check my own post.

The difficult part was to get other evidence and her blog (Something about hippies and oh my, books) and (which has since been taken down) was another give away to her identity. 

Much to your dismay, we have removed nothing from this blog. Nor will we do so. This blog is evidence and testimony. It gets backed up several times a day and can be moved in its entirety to another host at a moment’s notice. Your blogs, however, are not so safe. They break TOS on several counts and creating malicious content to boost profit’s only one of them.

I am covering it on the Looking Glass on March 1st on the post titled “Amanda Welling”.

You remember Jon, don’t you? He’s the other superfly been kickin’ your asses. Try to remember that you are talking about his wife. Irritating him won’t get you anywhere you want to be and, believe me, I like him far better than I’ll ever like the two of you and I’ll be happy to lend assistance. Now push your luck just a little bit more and see where it gets you. I’m not the kid that boxed by Queensbury rules. I’m the kid that takes you down hard on the playground for breaking a crying kid’s glasses because you’re bullies and deserve it. 

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