Screen shots.

Gen Xavier: With almost 30,000 views in less than two months, it seems this blog is the best way for us to communicate with a great number of people at once.

Area Five: It’s official, Butt Hurt Bryant’s lost his mind.

Gen Xavier: I want to post the screen shots so that anyone who needs them has them. Not everyone is technically proficient, especially if it’s a shock or upsetting to them, and I think posting them would be doing a service at this point.

Ash the Bastard: I just want to know why you don’t get your own blog.

Edward Blake: It’s not like you haven’t earned it, Gen. You have this lovely way of making him crazier than an outhouse rat, especially when you’re polite to him.

Ash the Bastard: She makes him crazier than an outhouse rat? He was like that before he ever met her! It’s not fair for Butt Hurt Bryant to make her share a blog that targets Welling. She’s earned her own blog. Just sayin’.

AreaFive: I vote post the screen shots. They might want them for lawsuits posterity.

Gen Xavier: All right.

Edward Blake: Those are hate blogs and Google’s got policies. It breaks TOS. You should report ’em.

Ash the Bastard: How the fuck can she report them? He hasn’t said anything about her.

Edward Blake: They should report him then.

AreaFive: Google has zero tolerance for this. Making up an abortion to harass someone is blatant and won’t sit well with the powers that be.

Ash the Bastard: The one about John’s funny though. I think he’s jealous John gets laid.

AreaFive: At least it’s not about Gen this time when it’s supposed to be about John.

Edward Blake: Ever see an egg explode in the microwave? You’re watching it now.

Ash the Bastard:  Decide how you’ll post about this yet?

Gen Xavier: I think I’ll just post this chat log and insert the screen shots. Cheri’s on. I want to let her know what’s happening. Talk later.

Edit: Shortly after I made this post public, Bryant set all three blogs to private. If you need the screen shots of the blogs above, please click to enlarge, right click and save them. Same for the shots below. 

AreaFive: It took him less than half an hour to realize this was a bad idea. 
Edward Blake: His refractory’s improving. 
Cheri: Bryant’s always bragging that screen shots are forever. Well, there ya go. 

8 thoughts on “Screen shots.

  1. All three blogs, most specifically the one about Jude, break Google's Terms of Service linked above. I recommend those targeted report the blogs. If anyone chooses to retain legal counsel and they think I can be helpful, please contact me and I will try to be of assistance.

  2. I'm amused by the inversion. Here we have, what, 10, 12 people properly focused through one blog, while Butthurt Bryant is one person losing his obsessive shit through 10 or 12 blogs…

    I think it's fairly evident which approach is more effective.

  3. I never knew he did this. I'm stunned. I've blocked him on all my social accounts and posted this link in all my groups so they know why. I thought he was harmless so I supported Carroll Bryant. I don't anymore.
    Carrie, who just dodged a bullet

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