I live to be helpful.

Butt Hurt Bryant’s is at it again and he is thrilled to have another blog covering his knucklefuckery as, true to form, he invents some reality to suit his nefarious purposes.

Apparently, it is being run by GenX (Amanda Welling), John Green, Jude Henderson and who knows how many others? 

Is it apparent? Let’s talk about what’s apparent. You will spin any lie that makes you look better than you are and spiders have less traffic coming out of their asses than you do. Ah, but I digress. Shall we take it from the top?

Gen is not Welling. An unsuccessful ruse TeamFail employed to glean Gen’s docs, it’s old news and stinks like five day fish. However, I am starting to think you are jealous that Gen’s name is sexier than any you could conjure for yourself. I cry for you and your sissy girl name. Really, I do.

Alliteration, it can be so irritating. It must be the juh sound in their names that so easily confuses you. Gen Xavier is not John Green. This charmingly effective woman is not an ex-marine from Brooklyn. Perhaps the next time you write an expose on John it will be for something more interesting than a public tweet with a porn star and you can reign in your obsession with our fair Gen long enough to actually write about him.

StLouisKiss is not Gen Xavier. He is an elegant man who lives, works and drinks in London. Asher, a man who inspires females to throw rose petals in his wake, is not Gen.  Edward Blake is not Gen Xavier. He is a middle aged man from Chicago with a sharp sense of humor, an extensive DVD library and a strong right hook. Electric Atheist, specializing in not giving a fuck when kicking your ass, is not Gen either. Cheri is not Gen. She is a fiery woman bathed in altruism with a quick wit and a generous spirit. You doc dropped her on this blog so there’s no need for me to tell you where she lives; however, I will say that I doubt you are welcome to drop by for cocktails and small talk.

Fire your tactical and fact advisors, I am also not Gen Xavier but here we strike gold: Gen is Gen Xavier and GenXpose is a collaborative blog. Surely you remember us. We became acquainted with you when we mentioned the announcement about STGRB posted to your blog in an article here and you declared war on us for it.

Speaking of which, I hear some videos went missing from your channel. It is a shame you’ve misplaced them and I felt poorly for you. You will be happy to know they now live and breathe all over the internet. Google is a pretty thing and La Streisand, she sings every time, just like when you tried to remove the photographs of you posted to your alter ego Ira’s blog. I’d write more but so many people are lining up to spank TeamFail that I wouldn’t want to deprive my fellow bloggers by being too greedy.

I look forward to your arrival in my home state of California. Do you need a place to stay or has Melissa covered that for you?

8 thoughts on “I live to be helpful.

  1. Considering the first two posts he did on GenXposé were all about things other people said, epic logic fails and outing me for being a fact checker before I post (he should try it sometime) I'd venture to say the third time won't be the charm, either.

  2. It's funny how that works, isn't it? When CrazyPants writes a blog post about you, it's actually about things other people did, and when he writes about other people, say, the post he made about John Green, it becomes about you. This joker can't write worth a damn. He can't stay on topic for more than two paragraphs. No wonder this loser is still relying so hard on Goodreads reviews to prop up his dream of being “discovered” and making it big. It's sad, really.

  3. Oh, and I've been in Skype chat with Gen, Cheri, and John Green all at the same time, so I can directly verify that at least us four are all different people. Indirectly, I've known of just about everybody else involved in this blog from Gen's circles from long before this blog began as well, so yeah. The work at that other site is just a bit sloppy, but good for them for getting up and saying something. Their first offering was good, and I'm sure they will improve. I think it's telling, though, that CrazyPants sees GenXposé around every corner. As the football trash-talkers say, “RAAAAATTLLLLED!!”.

  4. I particularly enjoy the fact the he insists we post no evidence when this entire blog is nothing but evidence, including screen shots and his own comments here. The “mommy, they started it” approach doesn't work when reality dictates otherwise: He marched over here frothing war because his PSA was cited in an article about STGRB's “new move” due to legal issues, not by choice. He claims the bullies always start it. Guess he's a bully.

  5. I have sordid email exchanges with Cheri, watch television online with SLK and have the dubious distinction of sitting in legal meetings with Gen, who looks nothing like John.

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