When your blog is all about your butt hurt.

By Edward Blake
It’s the internet. You expect a fair amount of bullshit and I’ve learned to be skeptical about what’s being fed to me. Doesn’t matter if it’s news or entertainment, it gets filtered through common sense, especially when it comes to blogs. But what happens when your blog is all about your butt hurt?
Stop the Goodreads Bullies, literally named for the group the owner’s targeting, is all about the butt hurt. You’d think a pair of unpopular Facebookin’ fifteen year olds ran this site but you’d be wrong. It’s a disgruntled middle-aged woman named Melissa Douthit masquerading as Athena Parker leading a handful of misfits and sock puppets united in petty perceived grievances. 

With such navigation choices as Abuse, Goodreads, GR Bully and GR Bully Culture the aim is clear. Her intent is to slam Goodreads and the entire site is an instrument of her revenge. Throw in the  promotion of Carroll’s Looking Glass, the brand new crazy from the always insulted and often frothing Bryant, and you’ve got context to accompany intent. 

A quick look at recent posts leaves little room for doubt. With such glowing Goodreads-focused headlines as Psychotic Comments and Wendy Darling (doc dropped by Douthit and advertised on the site) leave little doubt that the intent of the site is malicious. 

Ironic when you consider all the screen shots they use without permission from other sites, it sports a trendy little badge that declares it Protected by DMCA. 

The company even provides a snappy looking certificate to accompany the service but a quick look shows that it’s not really the protection most people are after. It costs money to issue and follow through with take downs, and multiple take downs add up. 

Douthit as Parker has a Fair Use reference posted on the site but the statute doesn’t make exceptions for malicious intent or negate the realpossibilities of defamation suits for it. It’s expensive to be in the hate business, but more on that later. 
Hit pause. I want to be clear. I am not associated with Goodreads and I couldn’t be more of an outsider in this sticky mess if I tried. But the only thing this site’s done so far is make me feel sorry for everyone Douthit targets and automatically side with the Goodreads. Douthit as Parker has gone from butt hurt to bully and moves precariously in and out of prosecutable territory with all the grace of a drunken sailor on shore leave.

She’ll dress in anything legitimate to keep the fires of hate burning. Even when disowned

She’s the satisfied Ring Leader attempting to bully and threaten anyone who opposes her and proud of her ability to create and display lists of all kinds. 

A lot of the people listed here have had nothing to do with Douthit or her aliases. In many cases, they were targeted for knowing people she didn’t like or agree with. Like other targets of her butt hurt. 

A special place has been devoted to the lucky few Douthit rabidly pursues and she’s comfortable setting up her targets, taking aim and firing even when she knows it’s bullshit. She encourages others to do the same while insisting the people she targets deserve it for being bullies. That’s the excuse both Douthit and Bryant liberally use to justify themselves. They target people who stand up to them for being bullies and their defense it to say that the victim is a bully. They love the word bully. They use it all the time to describe other people. The problem is the description fits them. Irony, it’s not for sissies. 

Check out that tag cloud. From its name to its content, Douthit as Parker is attempting to justify herself in the form of a revenge site that targets Goodreads and its members. But the real kick is that Donations Button. Sylvester McMonkey McBean would be impressed with such capitalistic fuckery that preys on the petty, weak, ill and confused. Will that be star on or star off?

Not only will she lie, bully, threaten and doc drop but she wants other people to pay her for it. With no accountability of funds, she’s working to turn her hate into a profit machine. There is nothing credible or legitimate about this site, its owner or its few associates that aren’t sock accounts. It’s just another scam to make a fast buck off petty butt hurt intended to harm others.

What does it say about you when your blog is all about your butt hurt? Nothing good. Just ask Carroll Bryant, another fart dissipating in an world indifferent to the smell.

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