Strange Days Indeed (Most Peculiar, Mama…)

(OK, who got that one?)

In the wake of my deconstruction of his “expose” on adult role-playing chatrooms on Goodreads for his blog The Looking Glass, butthurt self-published author Carroll Bryant boldly declared to have an “expose” on me in the works.  Something about irresponsible reporting, candy covered kisses and a dominatrix.  OK.  Regardless that his posts are boring, rambling, unintelligible diatribes now he even had ME interested in this!

Fool me once…

I guess I should just start at the beginning.  Or close enough to it.
It all started earlier this month.  After my response to his post, he tacked a few things about me onto the end of his then-latest post about Genxpose here:

Then he did as anyone in his situation would do and ran to his support group of enablers, in this case Stop the GoodReads Bullies, who did their whole commiserating thing for him- held his hand, soothed his brow, made him some tea…  Now, nothing Bryant said bothered or even concerned me, evidenced by the fact I never responded to any of it.  (In fact, this post is only because a couple of friends- GenX, Cheri- urged me to.  *Ladies*).  But what did bother me, though, was this:


And since you’re wondering what all the fuss is about:


Yep.  Not only did these toads comb through my Twitter account all the way back to October 2011, this was the worst they could come up with: a brief exchange with a porn star.  Like I’d even be embarrassed about that, plus anyone following my Twitter feed would’ve seen it.  And if you fools are so concerned about that tweet getting out, why are you the ones showing it around?  Someone went to Bryant’s site to share this revelation, so when he finally got around to posting about me he made sure to share it.  Guess now I won’t be showing my face in public or at my Veteran’s Center any time soon.

So… Bryant finally gets off his duff and BANG!- here’s his whole spiel about the internet evil that is me, complete with said Twitter reference.

Oh, and by the way, CB: it’s MARINE CORPS- as in ‘large formation of armed forces’, derived from the Latin ‘corpus’ which means ‘body’, not CORP, like in corporation, you illiterate stupe.  It’s always the ones who’ve never served that are so quick to try and talk shit about the ones that did- didja ever notice that?
And you’ll notice the most telling part about his “expose” on me is that very little of it is even about me.  At best, I’d say 30% relates to me; the rest is about his arch enemy, GenX. In fact, the majority of his posts lately end up relating to GenX somehow.   I don’t know about you, but this suggests to me that he’s either having trouble focusing or is way too focused, if you take my meaning.  And those remarks at the end of each of his posts indicates he’s having trouble distinguishing reality.  Or maybe it’s what he thinks passes for witty repartee- either way, it ain’t working.

So there you have it.  For all the posturing and chest-thumping, we’re left with Much Ado About Nothing.   I just hope y’all saved your stubs from all them wolf tickets he’s been selling.

2 thoughts on “Strange Days Indeed (Most Peculiar, Mama…)

  1. “Oh, and by the way, CB: it’s MARINE CORPS- as in ‘large formation of armed forces’, derived from the Latin ‘corpus’ which means ‘body’, not CORP, like in corporation, you illiterate stupe.”

    How dare you correct Butt Hurt Bryant!

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