Insert yawn here.

ex·po·sé  (eks-po-za)
1. An exposure or a revelation of something discreditable.
2. A formal exposition of facts.
3. the act or an instance of bringing a scandal, crime, etc., to public notice
4. an article, book, or statement that discloses a scandal, crime, etc.

You were early with your doom-threatening tell-all scheduled rant – due for launch on the 12th but posted on the 11th instead, a mere few hours after reading my post about the law – was it the screen shots that motivated you to make such a premature effort or is it just too difficult to think and type at the same time?

Attributing other people’s words and actions to me is not exposing me.

Showing that I verify my sources prior to writing an article is not exposing me.

Complaining that you don’t know who I am when none of you use your real names isn’t exposing me.

Creating a drama post about your latest butthurt is not exposing me.

However, this blog is exposing you and I can’t thank you enough for how helpful you’ve been and continue to be. But be cool mother fucker cheer up, it’s not like you’re single, unemployed, washed up, over forty and living with your mom, yeah call me your sweetheart again, virtual cowboy it’s Valentine’s Day and we should all feel the love!

9 thoughts on “Insert yawn here.

  1. Nice post. Lots of good chuckles.

    Carroll Bryant's imagination is staggering. [/sarcasm] This is the best response he could come up with for that, AND the dumb shit linked to your blog twice. You have trained him well, Master Po.

    He says you're creepy? That's rich. I guess a 40-whatever coming onto a teenager isn't creepy at all.

    I don't want to know where he's inserting that yawn. And hey Carol – when you play with it for more than ten seconds in the shower, you're not showering any more.

  2. Carroll is bi-polar
    Your right to punch ends at my nose.

    I was baited into a fight by GenX
    Because nothing screams bait like the words “A few days later, Carroll Bryant announces STGRB is shopping service providers” which would understandably produce seismic reactions like this stellar introduction. the readers of this blog.

    GenX is a liar
    It's not lying if it's true. 🙂

    GenX emailed me first
    To confirm your announcement(s) that STGRB was down for my article, after you didn't respond to other social media. How irresponsible of me!

    GenX “may” be a stalker.
    You keep telling me you want to be alone with me and I'm the stalker. O-kay.

    “GenX blogged about me first”
    Because nothing screams “she be startin' shit with me” like the words “A few days later, Carroll Bryant announces STGRB is shopping service providers”

    “GenX can't investigate for crap”
    Insert not so subtle nudge here.

  3. I have no “official” affiliation with STGRB
    You just suck her dick. A lot.

    There is no pizza place next to the park
    You've clearly confused me with someone else (again) which I hear happens often as you get older. Good luck with that.

    My gut is stupid
    It's not just your gut.

    A few comments posted on your blog constitutes “knowing” someone.
    That's why it's called anonymous posting, you diarrhea-fingered dumb ass.

    The above statement was sarcasm
    Make a few more “anonymous posts” to your own blogs while you're at it. Cos we're all completely fooled!

    Ann Somerville has parted ways with GenX and friends
    It's bad enough you're stalking me, now you're stalking her, too? How many of us are you currently stalking? Did you hire a truckload of half-assed minions to assist you? Don't forget to order pizza. I hear it's hungry work.

    Ann Somerville stalked and harassed STGRB
    It's sad when even your jokes aren't funny,

    Ann Somerville sucks at predictions and advice giving
    Perhaps… and yet her success rate is still more impressive than yours. What's up with that?

    The bullies can’t seem to get enough of me
    Everyone who calls you on your shit's a bully, right cupcake? .

    The bullies hate and fight so much that they fight with each other
    You resemble that remark.

    Hall and Oates rock!
    Tuck that shit in or your next teen conquest won't believe you're only 27, Slim Shady.

  4. You want something for your fridge, CrazyPants? How about this…

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue.
    This poetry sucks,
    And Carol does too.

    Carol's couplets of flatulent resonance,
    cling feebly to tenuous relevance,
    sound less like good prose,
    and more like death throes,
    of a far inferior intelligence.

    Iambic pentameter it's not,
    Would Shakespeare to hear it, he'd rot.
    Juvenile rhymes,
    wasting everyone's time,
    not to mention the brain cells he's shot.

    Lost without his rhyming dictionary,
    his obsession with Gen is just scary.
    Unimaginative authoring,
    full of young adult posturing,
    Carol's writing is more suited to Pictionary.

  5. What a brain, what a mind, what a man!! This came off the top of his head, unreal. I bet MR. C.C.C.P.'s eyeballs are as big as dinner plates and he's cracking open the wiki as we speak. o_O

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