What’s in a name?

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Perhaps if things were not quite as rosy as it seems. I know many people saw this and were disturbed by it for obvious reasons.

This is a screen shot from the STGRB site. 
It directly implies that they are in league with anti-bullying sites – which is of concern as they have come to be known for bullying, threatening, harassing and doc-dropping – so many find this to be a strategic move to create some kind of legitimacy upon first glance, intimidate their targets or perhaps even clean up their extremely poor reputation

Others may have contacted these sites to let them know what was actually happening and that their good names were involved, but I decided to contact every reputable organization they used on their site as well. 
They were interested to hear from me and insisted they would look into matters. Some have claimed no affiliation and are taking their own measures. (Forgive me, I do not have permission to share those emails here.) 
When I mentioned this to others, they kindly sent screen shots to show me that some sites have indeed already made a stance against any affiliation with STGRB whatsoever. Here’s one put into the public forum by the site itself so I can show it to you here. 
In short, it seems no one endorses this site. 
At least one site has made it publicly clear that STGRB does not have its permission to use their name and good reputation and yet STGRB continues to display their name, and I doubt Bullying.org (or any of the other sites) appreciate it. Ironically enough, it’s rather bullying of STGRB to continue to use their good names when it’s been made clear to them that they do not have permission or right to do so. And it’s also quite fraudulent, isn’t it? 
Why, yes it is. 

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