How I’ll save the children… and the rest of us, too

It seems Mr. Bryant has never heard of a graceful exit.

The latest post (screen shot) on his newly-created blog The Looking Glass Of Carroll Bryant insists there’s pedophelia on Goodreads and gloats over his exposure of it. In fact, he alleges many things, including:

  • role play groups are started by minors
  • they may or may not talk about sex
  • one of the members claims to be a minor
  • some kind of abuse has taken place
  • cites someone not shown as interacting with a minor
  • that adults are hunting and abusing minors
  • insists pedophelia is happening in Goodreads groups

However, the only thing that seems to have been exposed here or at STGRB (screen shot) is Mr. Bryant’s possible motives as none of his “evidence” actually supports his claims.

Please note the following: These are serious allegations and they are to be taken seriously; however, no evidence Bryant’s shown supports or proves those allegations. In fact, there’s merely vague screen shots and dramatic indignation over user-made profiles and nebulous comments. However, he claims to have “gone under cover” with a fake profile for over four months to “gather evidence”. Out of over 1700 groups, is this the best he could deliver?

Or is there more?

My name is Carroll Bryant and I want a show on Fox Reality TV

Because no one’s ever lied on the internet. No one’s ever faked a profile. Especially the pseudonym known as Carroll Bryant, shown advertising his latest coup d’état here. Did he enjoy spying on people in the Goodreads groups to collect all this non-evidence? That’s a slick profile, complete with self-quoting, and here’s a screen shot for posterity.

Oddly enough, the model’s picture he used to claim as his own (screen shot of Bryant showing himself as the model) is also named Michael (see the real Michael here or in screen shot) but, when alerted to the fraud, asked him to stop using the photographs. When we found a public photo of Bryant and reported it a few days ago, he immediately removed the content but you can see the original blog post here. After being called out for its sudden removal, he’s now posted a version of this “interview” on his blog (screen shot here) complete with an explanation as to why it was ever deleted in the first place. Which, by the way, is someone else’s fault for linking to a public blog that contained pictures of him he himself supplied.

A tangent, let’s talk about those anonymous comments he used as evidence from our blog. First, he should remove any and all screen shots of this blog from his own as it gives us reason to issue a take down and tempting Cheri, this blog’s owner, to take action is just a bad idea. However, Bryant was busted on this blog before in public comments for not being able to spell etc correctly and spells it no better when posting anonymously in an effort to set up his latest buggery or in his own comment section. Time to stop the fabricating “evidence” or at least do it somewhere else.

But never lose sight of what’s priority here.

The real question is this: if he is sincerely concerned about the welfare of minors and their possible exploitation, why didn’t he contact Goodreads? More over, why didn’t he contact law enforcement with such serious allegations? 

I mean immediately, like before he spent four months under cover, purged it all over STGRB and debuted a revenge blog instead.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? Why, no it doesn’t.

In his blog post, Bryant asks, “And if this post can save just one child from being lured in by a sexual predator on Goodreads, then for me, it would be well worth it. But why stop at maybe saving one? Can’t we try to just save them all? Before it’s too late? Or is it already too late? Worse yet, what are you going to do about it?”

What am I going to do about it? 

I feel as if you’re speaking directly to me so now I speak directly to you, Mr. Bryant. Sex between adults and minors is a crime and it is punishable by law. Such allegations are serious. Knowledge of such crimes is a grave matter and evidence of them even more so

Given the serious nature of your supposed concerns for the exploitation of minors, that you would even consider “going under cover” for four months, posting on STGRB and creating a revenge blog instead of contacting Goodreads and law enforcement tells me something’s wrong here. It leads me to question both the existence of evidence as well as your motivation. It seems as if these blog exposés have become your makeshift platform to lash out against the people who hold you accountable for your actions. That you did not choose to handle this properly is enough to make me question all of this and, in effect, you.

However, if you really have four months worth of evidence of actual crimes as you claim and haven’t reported any of this to law enforcement – instead choosing to post on your blog and the STGRB site with the self-professed intention of garnering publicity and “contacting newspapers” – law enforcement should have been contacted immediately.

I won’t in good conscience risk the safety of any child and this is what I’m going to do about it. It’s called the right thing, anyone can do it, and I’m appalled it never seemed to occur to you. 

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