‘Memba when?

Dear “Athena Parker”,

Oh, the memories when I think of how we met…

Wait, don’t you remember me? I’m a touch shocked. But fair enough, I see that you’ve been extraordinarily busy for one person, devising more of your little domestic terror campaigns against so many since your abrupt move to Blue Host.

Perhaps you need reminding and, as we don’t speak directly any more since I hit you with the old direct-contact-is-now-revoked-so have your lawyer contact me, I would be obligated to bring this to a public forum to address you, which is my retained right.  After all, you continued to allow others to post about me on your old site even after being warned, and you’ve been doing it again since moving hosts.

Naughty, naughty! Does legal@bluehost.com know about this yet? I wonder.

Do let me know how you’d like to handle this.

Gen Xavier 

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