Libel will take you many places (none of which you want to go)

STGRB seems to delight in using screen shots from Goodreads to harass, bully and threaten the members there. I was told this morning that they’re at it again in their latest post by guest author Carroll Bryant (link goes to their site but you can see a screen shot here) who has an ax to grind with Goodreads after having a a falling out with the membership there about six months or so ago, not long after STGRB’s debut.

The screen shots STGRB continuously posts for Goodreads have been upsetting to many of its members but I have yet to hear if anyone has reported the activity to Goodreads or what their response might be. After all, STGRB does not have permission to use any of the screen shots included in their posts and therefore is technically in violation of Goodreads Terms of Service.
Simply put, it would be within Goodreads rights to serve STGRB with multiple take down notices. It would also be within the members rights to serve them with notices as well, especially if the screen shots used come from an invite-only forum. Why? Because STGRB does not own the intellectual property. That property is housed on the Goodreads site and it belongs to the members it is attributed to.
Either way, I contacted Goodreads this morning.
I don’t know how long it will take them to get back to me (if they get back to me at all) or what their answer might be; but considering the new article on STGRB claiming to be written by Carroll Bryant now accuses them of promoting and endorsing pedophelia on their site, I imagine they will want to look into this right away as its is considered both damaging and libelous

An aside, it seems it’s not enough for Carroll Bryant to copy our blog. (and he’s trying to be mysterious and ominous too!) now he’s copying our format and doing his best to be me. You read that right, he’s attempting to emulate me directly (links to site, see screen shot here) from ideology to principles, and he’s doing a very poor job of it so far. They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery. However, I am only amused but I’ll take my cue from politics, as it offers such wonderful wins from its debates… Mr. Bryant, and I address you because I know you read this blog religiously, you are no Gen Xavier
Now I realize this is what you think you’re doing.

when you do this.

but I assure you that’s not the case here, and I wouldn’t try it if I were you. Unless, of course, you wish for me to continue addressing you – and we all know how wincingly well that’s worked out for you so far.
Note: Many thanks for emails containing screen shots. links, etc. If you keep writing, so will I.

5 thoughts on “Libel will take you many places (none of which you want to go)

  1. February 8th, 2013 – “GenXpose (Amanda) Part One”
    The Looking Glass Of Carroll Bryant
    “Synopsis: A look at how I was baited by a calculating bully.”

    I'm sorry officer, I was drunk and didn't know I was driving! It's the car manufacturer's fault for making the car. Not mine! *Whine*!

  2. February 8th, 2013 – “GenXpose (Amanda) Part One”

    “Synopsis: A look at how I was baited by a calculating bully.”

    She baited me mommy, she baited me!!! *Wahhhhhh*

  3. February 8th, 2013 – “GenXpose (Amanda) Part One”

    “Synopsis: A look at how I was baited by a calculating bully.”

    I did not touch those puppies till she threw threw them in my face!! She baited me mommy!! *Wahhhhh*

  4. I am greatly interested to see how Goodreads responds to my email.

    I am also curious to see if GR members cited (without their permission) on STRGB will file take down notices for screen shots attributed them (especially from closed forums), avatars or other intellectual property they own, such as their photographs or logos.

    I can only imagine how busy STGRB would be 1) removing content, 2) filing counter suits (which would require the use of legal information), or 3) stealing off in the night for another clumsy week-long move to another new host.

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