Now ya see it, now ya don’t. But why?

In case you missed it, I used to be Amanda Welling.

Not really but why let truth get in the way of a little blackmail? However, within hours of my post about it, suddenly I’m not. If you haven’t noticed, most references to Amanda have been removed from STGRB altogether. Seems they’re only sticking to screen shots of the public accounts now. Oddly enough, many of the references to me and this blog have suddenly gone well.

I’m no longer in the side bar (now you see it, now you don’t) and almost every comment or remark regarding me has been deleted. Now while some people might think perhaps the owner of the site just realized their error and corrected it, clearly that was never the case as it was all about finding a way to make me stop reporting about STGRB by threatening to doc-drop people.

So why would STGRB do such a sudden about-face? It doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

Now why would a site that notoriously bullies people come to a screeching halt in the middle of another effective campaign?

It was working. Panic ensued. People were afraid. Here, there and everywhere folks positively freaked. It created in-fighting and people turned against each other. This was a successfully executed strike, minimal effort and maximum impact. so why would STGRB take such a fast and sharp U-turn?

Well, truthfully we may never know. But here’s the new way of saving face via a comment posted by the site owner herself this moderated and approved anonymous (coughs) comment seen here, dissected below.

January 27th, 2013 at 10:02 am

Have you seen this?

Thanks for the plug, doll. Now all the new authors who think you might be legitimate will come to this blog and see all the reasons why you’re not. Cheers! I popped a beer to celebrate.

I am referring to the comments to this GenX post.

I love it when you use my name, it makes me all tingly inside. Tell me, when you were running your background searches on me, what did you come up with? Nothing? Oh, that’s a shame. I have an idea! Maybe next time you can attempt to silence me with an ill-effective doc drop on The Pope. You can pretend, in your smug fake omniscience, that I’m a man again like you did before when you told your site readers that you knew me. Can I be John Green this time? Even if you can’t spell his name right on your side bar. (Now, quick, go correct it.)

These are the people who claim that “they are getting bullied”? I have looked everywhere and couldn’t find one thing that Carroll has ever written about this GenX girl and yet she and her sheep are trashing him relentlessly. I have never seen anyone from here speak about people in the manner that these people speak about Carroll.

Well, the site owner deleted most of those comments (as seen in screen shots linked above) however, you are welcome to come read this blog and see all of Mr. Bryant’s very interesting comments starting here and working your way through this entire blog. I recommend ordering Chinese food and popping in a DVD because it’s going to take quite a while to wade your way through it.

I used to be in the middle on the issue, but after reading the crap on GenX’s blog, I have concluded that STGRB is telling the truth. These people are the worst I have ever known. I can’t believe that people like this are walking free in our society. They really hate Carroll and I have yet to see him as much as mention GenX anywhere on his blog.

Nice try to counter the bad press! Unfortunately, it won’t work.

At the risk of being repetitious, you are literally directing people to this blog. Don’t you think anyone reading your site will be curious enough to come over here? With the way you talk about me, they certainly will. They will come here. They will see every bit of evidence used to debunk you. They will then know that you are a bullying site that uses illegal and unethical means to harm people.

Thanks again. You just can’t ask for better publicity.

What astounds me the most is how much these people kiss GenX’s ass. I saw her GR profile picture, she does have a lot of ass for which to be kissed. If she were a man, she would clock in at an easy 300 pounds. She may be that much right now!

It really bothers you that all that digging and the background checks came up empty, doesn’t it? Now how will you attempt to harass, bully, blackmail and threaten me like you did Ann Somerville and so many others if you can’t get anything on me and using other people as cannon fodder won’t work? Ouch, I’m feelin’ for ya, cupcake.

It is my opinion that evil may indeed be a handicap. So is stupidity it would seem.

Then stop being evil and don’t worship at the Church of Stupid.

I hope this GenX doesn’t have children. Could you even fathom what kind of people her kids would grow up to be with such a monster for a mother? Not to mention all of the people who are commenting on her blog. These are the people who are raising the kids that grow up and walk into movie theatre’s with guns.\

I believe you carted your giggling, drunk backside right over to this blog and made a similar comment here. And someone happily hands you your ass for it. Ouch, again.

Please accept my apologies STGRB for me ever having doubted you for a minute. You have to bring more attention to this GenX girl. She is more than just a bully, she is a classless witch in the first degree.

Consider me a new fan of your site!

Yes, do bring more attention to this blog and give it even more free publicity. Keep directing everyone who might take your site seriously for even a moment over here. In fact, focus all of your hatred and revenge on the blog run by a person you don’t know, can’t find, can’t threaten, won’t win an argument with and cannot silence.

Bring it.

108 thoughts on “Now ya see it, now ya don’t. But why?

  1. I don't hear any complaints coming from you about all of these people bitching about Goodreads folk, even when they are just trying to compliment you.

    So go ahead. Alienate yourself even further. Lose more allies, lose more friends. Belittle the people who have been hurt the most. If your non-Goodreads friends shit all over them, who cares, right?

    Team work, my ass.

  2. You directly engaged me and I chose to respond.

    I thought my words might make you think. Perhaps not.

    Stop looking at other people and look at you because you are what you can control.

    If unity is important to you I cannot tell from here. The very behaviour you complain about is the behaviour you choose to exhibit and it's where you've chosen to continue to put your energy.

    Is that really what you want?

  3. Maybe you might want to consider how posters on this blog look to people at Goodreads who are on your side. Some examples:

    -If the rest of you had been effective there would be no reason for this blog to exist. Now you have a choice, you can argue logic with me (and probably fail) or you can band together to fight STGRB. Let's see which you think is a better use of your time.

    -And I'm getting real tired of Goodreads so I guess we're even.

    This entire post: Dear Gen,

    I am not posting from my own account because I don't want the grief that will come with it.

    Translation: I don't want to sign my name because I give a shit what ugly loud people I've never met on the internet think about me and I let them control my life.

    There have been dramas in Goodreads about you. You may have noticed that some people overlook what you're actually doing here while others are just offensive and insulting.

    Translation: Let me acknowledge what you already know because rumor has it someone emailed you the screenshots and we heard you're half an inch from telling us all to go get stuffed.

    I've watched this unfold and you've done a great job of presenting evidence, dealing with doxxing, ignoring detractors and trying to inspire. Honestly, I think you're terrific.

    Translation: You've been really busy doing significant and important things and getting results while Goodreads made a whipping boy of you for it. Ooops!

    I'm sorry you've been given a hard way to go but I hope you keep going.

    ~ A friend from Goodreads

    Translation: Don't tell us all to piss off even though you know we won't defend or help you and if anything goes wrong you're on your own.

    — Another ungrateful hypocrite

    ****Gen, I thoroughly despise your new little fair-weather “friends” for their lack of integrity alone and I have no idea why you even bother. – B

    -You people at Goodreads think a lot of yourselves. Just because they're anti-SYGRB doesn't mean they're pro-you. They were sympathetic to you, helping you, and you and your unholy trinity kicked their teeth in for their trouble. Now that's gratitude and teamwork. I hope they ignore you and do what they set out to do. Not because it helps you even those you're the ones it helps most. But because they think what STGRB does is wrong.

    GREAT job, posters. You all are making Ann Somerville and Crew right about this blog, and that is a hard thing to accomplish.

  4. I have to say that I'm also from Goodreads and I don't like what I am seeing in the comments today. 😦 I thought this was a welcoming place.

  5. What have you seen me engage in?

    It is illogical to hold me accountable for the words and actions of others yet many, including you it seems, do it anyway. I'm starting to wonder if there are frequent flyer miles attached to this bad habit.

    When I see upsetting behaviour, my first instinct is to look to my own. Why? Because, while we cannot control other people, we can control ourselves.

    I asked, “Is that really what you want?” and it seems the answer is yes. Enjoy your comments battle. Marshall all your forces there instead of using it as an opportunity to build something worth having and lead by example.

    But you'll pardon me if I do not choose to engage in this, just as I did not engage with the others doing the same thing. It's not what I want to own.

  6. You tell people from everywhere that they are welcomed here, we give you our support, and then other people shit on us for what a few people do.

    Did I ever say I'm holding you accountable. No, I didn't. So do not put words in my mouth.

    What I said was, imagine how these nasty comments look to people from Goodreads. Imagine if you were someone in Goodreads and you have been singing a blog's praises everywhere you go. Then you go to said blog and many people in the comments are putting you down. Someone above THANKED YOU and someone else shitted on them for it.

    I know you don't believe in comment moderation, nor do you have the time for it. But if you want to keep friends, keep allies and stay united or become more united, having comments like those are not going to help you or anyone else here.

    We were told from the beginning we could comment anon, and yet, we get belittled when we do.

    And you know what? I don't care if you know who I am any more and I would appreciate it if you took my name off of this site. I quit the Goodreads group because of caddy bullshit I got from sticking up for you and I'm not going to deal with the dick waving that goes on here too.

  7. I've already told you everything I'm about to say.

    I'm choosing not to discuss the way I think comments on this blog look to me or how I feel about it. It's not where I want my limited resources to go right now. I need to focus on priorities rather than engage in other people's comments wars. But since you consistently push me for some kind of stance, I dislike no one at Goodreads. In fact, I dislike very few people in general but you already knew that.

    Thank you, but I told you that I do not require defense; my words and actions speak for themselves. If I'm okay with that I'm not sure why anyone else wouldn't be. However, I'm sorry if you got hurt if you thought you were following your conscience.

    No, I don't babysit adults. I do not think that people require me to work out their differences. However, I do believe that an insult is a drink from which you choose to take a sip and it would do well for many to be less thirsty. Wouldn;t it be nice if that thought went viral?

    As for your request, there are places where “your story” isn't solely yours. It's also my story to tell. I didn't make it so, you can thank STGRB for that, so I stand by my current posts. However, I'd be happy to honor your request for no further posts regarding any future events and please consider it done.

    As I said in my emails, I am glad I could help and I wish you nothing the best. Take care, Amanda, and be well.

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