Reality Check

There has been some contention among certain ranks that we are not doing enough to stop STGRB or do it quickly enough to suit them. Let me say that since this blog opened only three weeks ago we have made  headway in the right direction. This blog was created to expose, by that I mean, expose subjects that needed to be brought out into the light of day. In regard to STGRB, our issue is to hold them accountable.

Is STGRB going to go poof any time soon? Oh hell no! That’s another denial is a river in Egypt kinda thing. I base my life on reality not some fantasy. This is delusional. Would said fantasy be nice? Oh hell yes! But not real. They could just reopen continually, even under different names, different sites, different people registered to the site till the cows come home. Everyone needs to be prepared for that. Nothing in life is easy, it’s not supposed to be easy or fair. We did not have to get into this fight but in it we are, and for the long haul. You can be supportive to all of us or not. It’s up to you.

We need to fight the good fight, support each other as much as possible, have a shoulder to lean on and vent- baby- vent. In the mean time, we document, document, document and share with each other and get a round-table going to discuss these things and events and how to tackle them. Can we do all we can to hold them accountable? Oh hell yes!

There are many ways to hold STGRB accountable. Blog baby blog, report illegal activity, contact watchdog groups and media, spread the word via social media, start a round-table group to discuss matters and more… Because we are each other strengths and assets and should never be each others negatives.

23 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Please tell me that none of you have children. I don't want them growing up and walking into my kids school with guns.

  2. How dare you!

    You disgust me horribly! How dare you use heinous school shootings as a tactic for fear and reprise! You take the name of all the poor children and heroic teachers that had their life taken from them and use it as an insult to others? Are you really that shallow and indecent?

    You are an embarrassment to everyone that cares and actually fight to prevent those incidents.

  3. Did it hurt your precious feelings? I would love to know what exactly you reported it for?

    “This site, it um, it is too truthful! And I don't get it, so , um, take it down!”

  4. Between this and the other threads, after 3 weeks and taking up a huge, I mean huge amount of time, I am 1 inch away from closing it down. No wonder people mod their blogs, which I and Gen do not have the time to do nor will we. You peeps need to be very careful. It's called restraint. I guess no one knows what this is. It means sit on your hands instead of typing. Go outside and scream, do not do it here.

  5. It is bluff. It is ALWAYS bluff. This was his MO last year with the 'list' he was going to expose. And, never did. He feeds on the attention guys, don't give him anymore. I promise you will be utterly bored if/when his 'threat' gets posted.

  6. Maybe it's that STGRB has named 13-yr old OceanaFern as a Bully? I'd also be concerned that a 40+ yr. old guy who likes to date teenage girls trolls for them at Goodreads.

  7. I don't think he's bluffing. He said it has nothing to do with bullying. I just found out that ira is in tears over it. My friend knows her and she said that Ira told her she signed into his blog with his password to look at it in draft. She said he really does have something big. She's thinking about closing her blog down again. I hear she is sending out emails to all of their friends to try and talk him out of it. Five people already recommended it on Google. He never gets anything recommended. His blog sucks. I think there are people who know what it's about. He could be working with stgrb on it. I think we really pissed him off. Think about it you guys, if it was just another one of his dumbass posts then why did he start a new blog for it? I have a bad feeling.

  8. “Coming up on Friday, February 1st, 2013, I will be posting a story that could very well rock the foundation in which the Website known as Goodreads sits.”

    “I will post an article that will put all parents on high alert.”

    What's he going to post? That he's a member there and likes teenage girls?

    I know that would highly concern me as a parent.

  9. Forgot to add – Ira cries about everything. I wouldn't take that as a sign of anything more than it's a day ending in Y.

  10. So Ann Somerville files a DMCA in December to piss off STGRB to start them raging again but she blames this blog for the “new activity” at STGRB.

    Another Somerville fail to pass the blame.

    Now Carroll Bryant, who you never talked bout until he started taking swipes at you on STGRB and then attacking you and other people on your own blog, copycats your blog.

    An epic fail to find a new venue for his hutthurt.

    Cheers, GenXposé.

  11. The 'about us' page does imply it will have to do with bullying. He mentions a role play group, assumes minors have joined. I am a group moderator on GR, and they hold us accountable that underage members are not exposed to certain elements. Our group (as many) require members agree they are 18 and above. GR has other methods that also cover their ass when it comes to the underage members. If he thinks to expose something along this line, he'll be deflated. GR will shutdown any group, status update, author page …etc that is found or reported to hurt kids. The fact he tried to have a romantic relationship with a 17 yo minor member was no doubt a big part of why he was kicked off the site. My money is on him having nothing of credibility.

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