I made the Fab Four (or is it Five?)

Congratulate me everyone, I just made the Fab Four  (or is it Five?) and I am an officially a very frightening woman because I tell the truth.

That’s right, your eyes do not deceive you.

After doc-dropping Cheri on this very blog and performing background checks on her to dig for more (paid) information, we told them to drop her docs or shut up. Their answer? Switch bait! Now they’re threatening me with Amanda Welling.

I’m not Amanda Welling but they insist, without any proof, that I am. Where is this evidence? They have none, of course, but that won/t stop them because that’s not what this is really about. In short, if I don’t shut up and stop telling the truth about STGRB they’re going to drop Amanda’s docs. Or at least that’s the threat and they’re currently doing it slowly and painfully piece by piece. It’s a two-for-one special as Amanda’s been very active on Twitter recently and they want me to shut up so badly they’ll use anyone or anything to silence me.

It’s a pattern. They couldn’t find me so they went for Cheri. Blackmailing me with Cheri didn’t work very well so they dropped her like a bad habit and started using Amanda to silence me. That’s not working very well either, is it? When they’re done with Amanda, they’ll pick someone else and attach a new name in her place next to mine.

Which one of you will it be? Will they say I’m John Green next? They’ve already declared I’m a man so it would suit their lying agenda. Or will you all finally say enough is enough and stand with us to stop these bullies by contacting the authorities for any reportable activity? Will you make certain that the press and media are contacted? Will you contact anti-bullying groups? Will you blog about this? Will you be a victim or a victim in waiting, or will you stand strong with Cheri, Amanda and me and say STOP STGRB NOW.

It won’t stop by itself and hiding’s not going to work. Many of you have repeatedly told me that I’m your hero. Now be my hero. Be Cheri’s hero. Be Amanda’s hero. It’s time to be your own hero. You said if I didn’t quit you that you wouldn’t quit me. Well, I’m still here and we’re standing strong. So where are you and what are you doing about it? Because your heroes need you to be heroes right now.

93 thoughts on “I made the Fab Four (or is it Five?)

  1. “I suggest to you all that your responses to me, and to anyone else who doesn't toe the line precisely, reflect badly on Gen and Cheri, because nice people generally don't attract nasty friends. Not this nasty anyway.”

    Nice people don't feel the need to dominate other people's blogs. Nice people don't feel the need to hijack a cause to gain attention for themselves. Nice people don't act like a jealous petty witch. Nice people don't demand that other people live up to their expectations in their own space. Nice people don't behave like you.

  2. Ann's fighting her fight, and Gen's fighting hers.

    Okay stop, because actions speak louder than words.

    While Ann's run her “look at me” jealous toxic campaign for attention and attacked Gen both here and on her own blog, Gen has chosen to ignore her and only post positive things, including the idea you suggest yourself. Ann's fighting her fight, all right, but Gen's the one with her priorities on straight.

  3. Hey Ann, didn't you bash Carroll Bryant for taking over every blog post for his own narcissistic purposes? Congratulations, you've become someone you called a sewer. You must be so proud!

  4. So saying that she was acting like a troll in one instance is calling her one? Especially when we're all trying to talk her down? Ok.

  5. I'm going to interject here.

    I'm Amanda. This post was supposed to be in support of me, of Cheri, and of everyone who is currently, CURRENTLY being doxxed or is on the verge of being doxxed.

    It has turned into a wank fest of jealousy, miscommunication, and ego trips.

    I for one am glad this post was made even though I know I have not gotten it as bad as some other people have. Others think that this blog is not handling things properly, but I do. I like the open platform and even though I don't agree with everything, I appreciate it. I'm sorry that other people feel like they have been overlooked somehow. I don't think that it is intentional. There is a year's worth of material to sort through and catch up on and that is a lot to handle in a sort time.

    I'm sure Gen doesn't want everyone bending over and kissing her ass. I know she is uncomfortable having people call her a hero. She is just trying to give us a safe place to talk. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Just because some people may not see the results of this blog, doesn't mean that there isn't any. I know that many, many, many people have had my back today and I appreciate every one of you.

    So can we stop all of this bickering and get back to the real bullies at STGRB? Please?

  6. My god! What a perfect idea! I think it would be a brilliant idea for all those that do not support them to display this logo proudly! Strength in numbers!

  7. Great post, Amanda. Mepis' post was to encourage those who were just finding their voice after having it silenced by STGRB, and it was to encourage EVERYBODY to keep on keeping on. At least, that's the way I saw it, but I admit I could be wrong. Mepis is referring to the tip of an iceberg. There's a small army of people involved in what this blog is doing. He wasn't addressing the very visible tip of the iceberg, he was addressing the rest of the iceberg. The way I saw it, it was intended to be inclusive, and not exclusive. But enough about that. Mepis was big enough to apologize for it (even though I don't think he needed to) and Ann was big enough to accept the apology.

    Ann has said some pretty nasty things on her blog. I'm sorry she's so upset that Gen has managed to bring new voices to the fore. I hope she's also big enough to redress those comments, but it's not necessary. She's allowed to have her opinion, and we're allowed to think that opinion's full of crap. Both of those opinions don't have anything constructive to offer to the task of focusing attention on STGRB. EVERYONE needs to stop and refocus and act like adults.

    In the same vein, to the Anon posters who are still sniping at Ann, your posts are not needed and you're not helping. The point has been made, and it's only important to other people, none of whom are on this blog. Please stop.

    Amanda, you're right Gen doesn't want everyone bending over and kissing her ass, or calling her a hero. Hero-worship is something she doesn't like seeing when other people do it, and it makes her very uncomfortable when people do it to her, for very many good reasons. She's honestly not looking for credit, fame or glory out of this, she sees a wrong and she strives to make it right. Her motive is her rock-solid sense of justice, shared with Cheri. They saw that the fight against STGRB needed new voices, at first, Gen and Cheri were those new voices, making well-researched posts. Then, a wonderful thing happened when the ability to post anonymously encouraged others who were bullied and intimated into silence to find a new voice …to let those in the fight know that they are NOT alone. Gen and Cheri have been making contact with these people, building more and more onto that iceberg. You're right when you say that the majority of the work of this blog goes on behind the scenes, and only a small portion of it is visible. Gen and Cheri work hard on this blog, and they work hard on the blog to address an injustice. It's disappointing that some people feel the need to try to chip away at that iceberg.

    In watching this myself for only a short period of time, it seems evident that it's a rare few who are strong enough to stand their ground and speak against the bullying of STGRB. I would think that more voices would be welcomed. HERE, those voices are welcome. Bullies run when the hard light of day is shone on the actions of the bully, but the bully rarely goes away without posturing and bluster first.

    We know others have been focusing attention on STGRB, but every light that shines on them ought to be welcomed. If another blog appears tomorrow, I hope that that blog will be encouraged to add their voice to the chorus. A single shrieking soprano isn't anywhere near as effective as a chorus with a full range of voices from soprano to bass, each contributing their own unique sound to the body.

    If being the first voice counts for anything in this, then I think being the LAST voice is far more important, and that's what we should be focusing on – the LAST voice to ever have to speak out against the bullies at STGRB.

    STGRB thought they could intimidate Gen and Cheri into silence like they did many others. I know them both, and I can assure anyone reading this that Gen and Cheri just don't play the intimidation game.

    So, now that the night has passed and it's a new day, pick it up, move on, and let's get down to business.

  8. Grow up, all of you. That includes you, too, Ann. I admire you and I respect you and I know you've been in this fight longer than I have, but it's time to back off. It's gotten stupid and blown entirely out of proportion. Some adults need to step in and stop this nonsense before someone gets seriously hurt. I'm old enough, and maybe stupid enough, but I'll do it.

    First and foremost, this is all about nothing any more important than — I hope you're sitting down for this shocking revelation — NEGATIVE BOOK REVIEWS.

    It's not about innocent children getting blown away by nutcases with assault rifles. It's not about poisons in Chinese-made dog food. It's not about the timebomb of genetically-modified food crops. It's not about global climate change, or fossil fuel pollution, or the rape and murder of women students on buses in India.

    Can there really be anything more fucking trivial in the grand scheme of life on this planet or any other than a bad book review?

    Oh, maybe there is something more trivial. It's sock puppet accounts on Amazon and GoodReads created to give a book fake 5-star reviews and boost its flagging sales.

    Or maybe, just maybe, it's a middle-aged man getting all bent out of shape because he gave a few free books to some adoring (?) teenagers who then didn't reciprocate with gushing hearts and flowers and a good book review. They're teenagers, Brian!!!! They can't be expected to be responsible and act like adults. That's why they aren't allowed to vote or sign contracts. They're kids!!! And you're not, so act like a halfway intelligent adult and fuck off. Grow up.

    Do you know why I'm one of the fab four-or-five? Because I dare — horrors! — to write detailed critiques of what I consider poorly written books. Yep, that's it. That's the sum total of my vile crime against humanity. I never kick puppies or kittens, I like flowers and trees, I vote Democratic (when there are no Socialists around), and after a 36 year marriage that ended when my husband died of cancer in 2005, I live with a boyfriend of almost 50 years without benefit of marriage. My two children are grown and married, both have professional careers and are married to spouses with professional careers. I have two brilliant and adorable grandsons.

    But I'm “scary, run, fast” because I didn't like somebody's book, and because I let the world know why I didn't like it. Boo fucking hoo.

    Jesus Fucking Harold Christ, people. That means you, Melissa, and you, Brian/Carroll, and you, Jaq, and you, Dougie, and you, Leslie, and all the rest of you butt hurt nincompoops who just can't bear the thought that someone, somewhere, doesn't like your fucking book. But it also means Gen and Cheri and the rest who are perpetuating the witch hunt and escalating it beyond all reasonable proportion. This is just plain fucking stupid.

  9. You missed a spot.

    It STARTS with a negative book review, and how STGRB's thin-skinned authors think that a negative book review is “bullying”, sure. But the issue beyond that is how STGRB handles that. I think you may have missed the part where STGRB intimidates people into silence.

    Most people don't like intimidation and bullying. You probably made the list because their intimidation and bullying wasn't that effective for you. Good for you. Or maybe bullying is okay in your world, I don't know, it might be. Perhaps they never threatened you with releasing your personal information like they have many others, I don't know. For some people, that's a problem. The disclosure of personally identifying information without the permission to disclose is prohibited by law, and it's certainly contrary to the privacy policies of ISPs and server hosts, but action has to be taken on it in order for that to matter.

    Sure, it's not a barely teenaged girl shot in the head on a Turkish bus for wanting to go to school, but that's a red herring. Do you not think that STGRB should be held accountable for the doubly heinous act of (1) releasing private information (2) for the purpose of intimidating and bullying into silence?

    So what precisely did you hope that your post would contribute here? That last bit at the end where you call it all “just plain fucking stupid” really helps you make your case. Insults are always helpful when you think you're trying to make people see reason.

    That was sarcasm, by the way. Have a wonderfully oblivious day.

  10. So are you speaking for the class, Linda?

    Fine, sorry that the way things are going here aren't working for you. Thankfully, you aren't being required to contribute one. fucking. thing.

  11. Your argument immediately became worth shit the second you said, “Grow up, all of you.” So basically, immediately.

    Has opening with that line ever worked to win you friends or arguments ever in the history of ever, Linda? I actually thought for a while that you were an intelligent writer and woman with opinions I was interested in. I can see now that I was the idiot you thankfully recognized me to be.

  12. Sorry my picture offended some people who are directly targeted by the STGRB. I understand you do not want to bring more focus to STGRB. I think STGRB needs to wake up and learn who is really antagonizing them….people like me.

  13. For the record (I can't seem to get the comment box to come up to reply to Mepis's comment) I realise I owe him an apology. Actually I realised that last night but after seeing all the other remarks here, I wasn't in a mood to be charitable to anyone.

    I misinterpreted his comment about being silent, and I did overreact. For that, I apologise most sincerely.

    However, he said “It's time for us all to stand together. Blog about these articles. Link to them. Let everyone know. Contact the press. Get in touch with the HuffPo. Contact other media outlets. Let the STGRB story be know. Contact anti-bullying groups. Let the story be known.”

    What no one here seems to realise is that people have already blogged extensively. Huffington Post was involved, so was the Guardian (British Newspaper). The attention just made STGRB bolder (although they did briefly stop doxxing people after the first Huffpo article, and all the negative attention – now they're at it again.)

    The people who need educating are the authors, mostly the self-published ones. Unfortunately, all the attention in the press has done to date is convince them that yes, Goodreads and Amazon bullies *do* exist. They're not the brightest, a lot of them, and with Douthit's minions recruiting madly at Amazon forums and KDP, they're being led down the wrong path.

    Your hearts might be in the right place, but the tactic of shining more attention on these people is going to get people hurt. Better to talk to authors and explain why allying themselves with those who attack reviewers is going to kill their career. There's almost no discussion or education from the official writers groups, and too many self-interested voices feeding paranoia and the idea that if they could just remove all negative reviews, they'd be safe.

    As for those of you calling me names…well, whatever. I think the lack of admiration is mutual. I was angry yesterday morning, and increasingly so during the day at the things being said. I see your attacks continue today. Obviously you think it's deserved. Again, whatever. I don't see how that's helping anyone.

  14. “Ann has said some pretty nasty things on her blog.”

    I think the 'nasty' score is equal. However, if it will calm things down, I will take my posts down.

    “I'm sorry she's so upset that Gen has managed to bring new voices to the fore.”

    At *no* point have I said that. THat's a really unfair and dishonest accusation.

    One minute you're asking everyone to pull together, then you're doing your best to insert wedges.

    Let me be blunt. New voices are great, good, wonder – if they're effective. But just making a lot of noise is benefiting one person – Melissa Douthit.

    I know I haven't helped matters, but I wasn't trying to derail things. I'm sorry that I have, but stop lying about my motives.

    People *other than me* have concerns about the approach here. If you don't want to listen to those concerns, then don't. But they have a right to be heard. I have a right to be heard. But for now, not here.

  15. Ann, you just said in your emails to me – not nice ones I might add – that I'm horrible, you don't want anything to do with me or this blog, and you demanded I remove you from my blog. I did so. If you want nothing to do with me or this blog then why are you over her typing on it right after throwing a fits in your emails to me? I said knock it off and I meant it. I reiterate: Until you stop treating me like the enemy please leave me alone. And that includes this blog, which you claim you want nothing to do with.

  16. What.the.fuck. You didn't tell me this. You have email please respond and let me know you're okay.

  17. Not good enough, Ann.

    You came over here all butthurt, hijacked this thread with your ego drama, shit all over this blog and talked crap about Gen. You Amanda an apology. You owe Cheri an apology. You owe Gen a huge apology.

    You wanna be the queen? Try acting like a gracious one for a change.

  18. Yesterday, she vomits all over your blog. She vomits all over her Twitter. She vomits all over her own blog. She looks like a jerk for it and she blames you. Today, she told you she wanted nothing to do with you or your blog. She demands you remove links to her site. She's nasty and insulting. She took down her own posts so no one could see what a twat she's been and tells you it's out of goodwill. She tells you that you fucked up when you didn't do anything, you didn't even respond to her in public. She tells you she fucked up and expects you to cover her tracks. She then comes right over here and then posts more to your blog. The one she hates. Because she doesn't want anything to do with you or this blog. Then she tweets about it. She told you she's concerned with how things look. The only thing that concerns her about any of this is how she looks. It doesn't look good, she knows it and she has no one but herself to blame. But don't worry, Gen. At the end of the day, she'll find a way to make it all your fault because she's incapable of owning her own shit, even when it owns her.

  19. I just noticed your post about being sorry you offended people who were targeted. I don't see that comment anywhere. I don't know why you would think that. There is no evidence here in the comments. I think it's wonderful and we put it up right away. A big thank you from us.

  20. *looks on Ann's blog for What’s helpful in a fight against harrassment and what’s not complete with all her nasty comments and can't find that post skewering Gen that makes her sound like a jealous harpy nutcase^

    You forgot one, big mouth.

    And since you're so fond of correcting other people's grammar and spelling, harassment's spelled with one r.

  21. Ann Somerville26 January, 2013
    “Ann has said some pretty nasty things on her blog.”

    I think the 'nasty' score is equal. However, if it will calm things down, I will take my posts down.

    No, Ann it's not and I've damn near lost all respect for you.

    You were horrible to Gen and you're a guest on her blog. Read the comments on this post. What will you accuse her of next, being on the grassy knoll?

    My God, Ann, she didn't even respond to you. (Bless your heart, Gen, I would have gone ballistic.)

    Your comments here and your post on your own blog didn't take on the people you felt attacked by, you attacked Gen instead. So while you're dishing out apologies perhaps you can manage to conjure up a proper one for her.

  22. Ann Somerville26 January, 2013
    “Let me be blunt”

    No, let me.

    You took offense over nothing. You were given apologies you didn't deserve and people blew kisses at your ego. It had no effect. You raged.

    You behaved horribly. Between here, your blog and your Twitter account, you were abysmal even for you.

    The way you've treated this blog and its owners is appalling and would never be allowed on your own media.

    Now I read you come back to post more after demanding the owner remove you fro the blog and being abusive to her.

    And you can't even manage a proper apology for it.

    Don't ask why nothing's gotten done about STGRB. You can read it right here: you tear them apart.

    I'm just disgusted with you right now.

    – Not a fan anymore.

  23. Ann and I have spoken in emails.

    To be honest, nothing is resolved and it's probably worse than before. My patience has worn thin about now and my threshold for drama is notoriously low to begin with. But the world still spins and here we all are.

    I'm asking you to not treat her poorly on this blog right now. It's not a demand. I'm just hoping you'll choose mercy and temperance over what you feel is deserved or justified.

    I know what she did is wrong and I understand that you're calling her on it. But haven't you ever messed up? Seriously, don't you make mistakes? Are there some lessons that have been harder to learn for you than others? Haven't you ever been your own worst enemy?

    If she comes back and makes crazy posts by all means have at her and rightly so. But until then, please count to ten before you push the publish button.

    Thanks. 🙂

  24. I'm probably shorter than you are too but it hardly matters.

    I'm not trying to confuse you I'm trying to be kind. Consider it a character flaw or a weakness if you like but I'm completely serious. If you royally FUBAR'd all over the place in public wouldn't you be embarrassed and ashamed? Of course you would. Not everybody deals with that well. Do you? Does the person beside you? How about the guy down the street?

    She's hurt and lashing out. Admittedly, I'm both her convenient excuse and her punching bag, and it probably sounds strange that I would ask you to be kind right now.

    But I'm asking just the same.

  25. She pisses me off for all the reasons already stated all over this blog. You deserve more than one apology fro her and she's too egomaniacal to give it to you. That's the only thing I'll say and I'm done now.

  26. You're right. I deserve apologies. Apologies I will probably never get, not in public or in private. And I don't need them, either.

    Do you feel better now? I mean, now that you got that bit out? Now that you're right and everyone in the internet knows it? Because I don't.

    In fact, I'm upset right now and I am trying quite hard not to be angry or hurt. The one thing I ask of you was the one thing you just couldn't do – be kind – and I feel as if you've disrespected my wishes and, in effect, me.

    I don't ask much of others. I give you complete freedom here. It is extremely rare that I involve myself in conflicts. Why can you not respect the one thing I ask of you?

    Perhaps you think so little of me. Maybe you don;t realize yet that I have reasons for doing things the way I do them. Or maybe your need to have the last word was more important then Ann's feelings or my express wishes.

    Furthermore, it's me she hurt, not you. Who are you to demand apologies on my behalf if I don't? Please don't speak for me, I speak just fine for myself.

    Now go post mean things if you like. I'll go back to have nothing to do with it because it's not something I want to own.

    I'm done with this discussion. You can have the last word if it pleases you but I hope it sits like ashes on your tongue.

  27. Some comments were made on Twitter and I really wanted to let those who were making them know their voices have been heard, noted, and extend my apologies for any offense. The only thing I intended with the graphic was to have a visible statement that STGRB's conduct is not supported by our blogs.

    But I see where the victims of STGRB's wraith are coming from with their comments.

  28. Between this and the other threads, after 3 weeks and taking up a huge, I mean huge amount of time, I am 1 inch away from closing it down. No wonder people mod their blogs, which I and Gen do not have the time to do nor will we. You peeps need to be very careful. It's called restraint. I guess no one knows what this is. It means sit on your hands instead of typing. Go outside and scream, do not do it here.

  29. “Actually I realised that last night but after seeing all the other remarks here, I wasn't in a mood to be charitable to anyone.”

    First. You weren't in the mood? Sorry to inform you of this, but the best and most genuine apologies rarely come at a time when the person who owes the apology FEELS like delivering it.

    Second. In the mood to be CHARITABLE? An apology from you is a PRIVILEGE? Well, isn't someone just way too fucking full of their asshole selves.

    Third. This post is “I wanted to apologize BUT…” … you don't express sincerity by trying to justify yourself. If you include the word “but…” in your apology, it's not an apology. It's a justification.

    Fourth. You have your own damned blog on which you can apologize, you don't have to wait for permission to apologize here. Fill your boots. Knock yourself out. Don't forget those five points of writing an effective apology.

    “What no one here seems to realise is that people have already blogged extensively.”

    Wrong. You've bitched about it so much, the only way anybody here doesn't realize this is if they can't read. …but then they wouldn't be reading this blog, would they?

    “Huffington Post was involved, so was the Guardian (British Newspaper). The attention just made STGRB bolder”

    Seems to me what made them bolder recently was the DMCA you just filed that required them to move their site and they restarted with a vengeance. I'm not saying you shouldn't have filed the DMCA, but if you're going to point fingers wildly and blame “attention” for it (which would include this blog), then you'd best be prepared to wear that yourself.

    Yes, attention is the right way to do this. It makes both the public AND the authors aware that this is what they do. Perhaps you didn't notice how they danced like their pants were on fire after the HuffPo exposures?

    And finally, your way, “educate the authors” is one way to do it, shining the spotlight on their actions is another way to do it, you can argue all day long about which method is more effective, but that argument gets you nowhere. There's no rule that says that “Thou shalt only use one method to deal with bullies, and that method shall be Ann Somerville's”. Neither method is mutually exclusive, neither method affects the other method negatively. Both methods could be effective. You're welcome to pursue your method to your heart's content. I'd say after a year and they've only gotten worse, you might want to rethink your strategy. The Dakota Indians are credited with the saying “When one discovers one is riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.”

  30. That's not an apology, it's an attempt at damage control.

    “Huffington Post was involved, so was the Guardian (British Newspaper). The attention just made STGRB bolder”

    Seems to me what made them bolder recently was the DMCA you just filed that required them to move their site and they restarted with a vengeance. I'm not saying you shouldn't have filed the DMCA, but if you're going to point fingers wildly and blame “attention” for it (which would include this blog), then you'd best be prepared to wear that yourself.

    This is her MO. She starts shit and blames other people ALL THE TIME and she's stupid enough to put it out there all over the internet.

    HER actions made STGRB rage again. This blog got her back, everyone's back, when they needed it most because of Ann's DMCA and this is the thanks they get for it.

    Notice that until the moment Mepis (who Ann wanted to marry, according to her own comment) praised Gen, she was all over this blog like white on rice and singing praises. This latest rabies attack makes her look like a hypocrite at best and, at worst, the village idiot.

    She's been hanging on to shreds of credibility for some time now, banking on her victimization (look what STGRB did to me and how much it cost me! I'm a hero! You people should kiss my ass! I am your queen!) and using it to manipulate people to do what she wants, the way she wants, when she wants.

    She likes to have her ass kissed like she's royalty so God forbid a a better leader (one who doesn't need or want credit so much they arguably don't even exist on the internet) come in and anonymously rival her title.

    “When one discovers one has put one's foot in shit one doesn't dance all over the house spreading said shit”

    Unless you're Ann Somerville.

    I predict she'll continue to target Gen personally rather than do the right thing and own her shit. This is why she got so little support when she “stood up to STGRB” – because she cannibalizes anyone around her in whim.

    Everyone should be paying close attention to how she's treating Gen. This is what will happen to you if Ann feels threatened by you in any way.

  31. Ann says: The people who need educating are the authors, mostly the self-published ones.

    Funny, I don't see “Ann Somerville's groups for educating new writers about STGRB” anywhere online. What have you done for them lately?

    Ann says: What no one here seems to realise is that people have already blogged extensively. Huffington Post was involved, so was the Guardian (British Newspaper). The attention just made STGRB bolder (although they did briefly stop doxxing people after the first Huffpo article, and all the negative attention – now they're at it again.)

    The only way to defeat something nasty is to meet it head on. Ignoring it and wishing it would all go away is not going to resolve anything.

    Ann says: Your hearts might be in the right place, but the tactic of shining more attention on these people is going to get people hurt.

    I disagree. Again, ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Meeting the enemy head on IS the only way. They are not going to suddenly get religion, see the errors of their ways and go straight. Your DMCA is what kicked this nasty bout off and forced STGRB to move the site rather than give you their info. It was while this was going on that we decided to post about this movement, you're welcome for the support, we can all tell how much you appreciate it.

  32. Funny, I don't see “Ann Somerville's groups for educating new writers about STGRB” anywhere online. What have you done for them lately?

    Wow, I never thought about that. What HAS she done lately, other than piss off STGRB so bad they came back with a boner? Exactly where is her own employment of all her great ideas she's using to bash other people with?

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