Butt-hurt Bryant: The Day After

I made a post yesterday addressing Bryant’s allegations of banning and misconduct regarding me on STGRB called Fair Reporting: Bryant Comments. In it, I clearly show his poor conduct on this blog’s post STGRB: Facts, Rumors & Speculation, in which he took offense because I cited his blog’s Public Service Announcement about STGRB’s technical difficulties and supposedly triumphant return when examining their situation.

Unfortunately, instead of apologizing for his poor conduct toward me or answering any of the simple questions posed to him regarding his unfounded allegations and the proof presented to debunk them (or using the redress and correction in a constructive way to bridge peace and understanding) Mr. Bryant decided to post multiple caustic off-topic comments. Quite a few people responded and dealt with him accordingly. You may see the post and the comments section in its entirety here.

Although Mr, Bryant has not been censored and had multiple attacks of lack of discipline all over this blog yesterday, he still can’t control himself/ It wasn’t enough for him to make a fool of himself here. He is still talking smack about me on STGRB the day after.

Note: This links to the STGRB post I’m currently referencing. For those of you who wish not to visit the site, here is a complete screen shot of the page which includes comments about me I’m addressing now.

This is the comment I wish to address, included below and shown here

Off topic – but STGRB and I have the same stalker and her name is GenX. LOL 

I am not stalking you, Mr. Bryant. I am addressing and debunking you.

She is posting about me now. (I think she likes me) Hehe

I am addressing your allegations with facts that debunk them.

Funny, I never heard of this GenX before until she emailed me. 

Mr. Bryant, is this not your blog?.

I posted this to you when my comments on STGRB regarding crime were not being handled ethically. Please note the date. Here is a screen shot of that entire blog post, still visible, in case anyone would like to see it..

Now she can’t get enough of me. Well, I do have that effect on girls I suppose. 

I believe Ms. Somerville expressed her sentiments as universal rather succinctly; however, perhaps you mistake my courtesy or corrections for attraction somehow. Thank you for your offers to ring me, pay keen attention to me or take some kind of active role in my life but your interest is unwelcome.

Maybe she is wanting me to write about her on my blog.

If you lie about me there as well, I will only debunk you. Again.

Sorry Gen, you’re just not that interesting nor do you pose any kind of threat to me so …. 

Then why do you pay me such continuous attention and lie about me in public like this?

you’re just gonna have to keep your little girl crush confined to STGRB. LOL

I believe Ms. Somerville’s comments covered this.

She and her goons 

I have goons? Are they expensive? Are they like pets? What care do they need? Like most people, I’m on a budget, so inquiring minds want to know.

still insist that I have said racial slurs, and of course, they don’t have any screenshots of this or links.

Here are the screen shots and the original post you made them on. Any questions?

They say I degrade women. And of course, they have no screenshots or links of this.

See above. Note your comments in general as well as your treatment of me. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And you know that if they did, they would be posting them all over the net.

They are all over the net. Ahem.

I just can’t get over how they all say so much about STGRB, myself and all these other authors and yet, they still can’t supply screenshots or links to support any of their claims.

Pretending like the screen shots I and so many people have provided don’t exist will not make it true.

For example, I am certain you all wish this screen shot of Ann’s DMCA on STGRB that made Douthit move the entire site rather than reveal her identity did not exist either. Alas, it does. So do her many posts about this, as well as the countless posts of others, a few of which can be seen here and here, or even The Huffington Post.

Mr. Bryant, you may incite others or cause them concern (even for my own safety) but I confess you’re starting to bore me. Why don’t you answer some of the direct questions that are put to you? Or perhaps that is too much to ask as the answers would not support your agenda.

61 thoughts on “Butt-hurt Bryant: The Day After

  1. I don't think there is any doubt that the people on that blog are mentally ill. Nothing they've done is at all rational. The past year wouldn't have happened if Methena had just X'd out of Wendy's review. That is the only rational response to disliking what someone posts online.If she felt it was against GR's TOS, she should have reported it and blocked the users she disliked. Oh yes, they are ill, but most of all, I think they are afraid. Crazy and frightened aren't a good combo as we've seen. I really hope this blog is able to turn the tide, but I am worried it will cause her to try to amp the crazy up.

  2. Of course he had to go and defend himself by saying he is not the racist. She is. That's basically the equivalent of saying, “I'm rubber your glue, blah blah blah.”

    If the man could insult people using those “big people” words he talks about maybe he would have a case. Instead he flys about calling people:
    “stupid monkey”
    “mexican bitch”
    “simpleton” and all the other versions of “idiot”

    But if the boy wants screenshots I say give him screenshots. There is the proof of his vile insults. But of course he wasn't being racist, not at all. Because he says he's not racist, the “stupid monkey” is the racist. Yea. I will be believing that when me “sh*t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.”

  3. Oh yeah, you did leave a comment didn't you? But that doesn't qualify as “knowing you” now does it? Plus, I guess you didn't leave a lasting impression on me if I had forgotten about it, still, I always thought of you as a friendly (from previous STGRB comments you left) and not a foe. (Until recently)

    As for the censoring issue, I did try to comment once and it wouldn't go through, so what else was I to think?

  4. Carroll Bryant24 January, 2013
    Oh yeah, you did leave a comment didn't you? But that doesn't qualify as “knowing you” now does it? Plus, I guess you didn't leave a lasting impression on me if I had forgotten about it,

    So wait… she left comments on STGRB that they edited and fucked her over with and you saw them there. She left comments on your own blog and you saw them there. You say she also emailed you. But you don't remember ANY of it?
    FFS, how stupid do you think the reading audience is?

    still, I always thought of you as a friendly (from previous STGRB comments you left) and not a foe. (Until recently)

    Yeah right, your first posts hereon this blog really show that you dumb ass. You accuse her of all kinds of bullshit she didn't do and talk to her like she's your dog. WTF???

    As for the censoring issue, I did try to comment once and it wouldn't go through, so what else was I to think?

    According to YOU, you have her fucking EMAIL. Why didn't you WRITE to ASK her?

    Oh fuck off with your bullshit. You owe her too many apologies for too many things. I hope she toasts your nasty ass, especially after threatening Cheri. You know Cheri is one of her FAMILY members, right?

    GTFO You deserve everything you get.

  5. Mepis24 January, 2013
    I see you Krakken and raise you one… this. (Because this is what I hear when I see Brian speaking…)


  6. LIAR

    Gen XavierDecember 9, 2012 at 1:19 PM
    Forgive me for posting here, but my comments (for whatever reason) according to Athena are getting lost at STGRB and I thought you might want to see this message back to you:

    Mr. Bryant, perhaps for a better understanding of the difference between slander and libel in general please see the following.

    The First Amendment, often tossed about as “It's my right to free speech and I can say whatever I want!” (an erroneous assumption) can be viewed here

    As you see, it covers things like addressing one's government, and freedoms for religion and assembly. It does not say citizens can behave duty-free in libelous or slanderous ways without consequence.

    Example: Do not yell “fire” in a crowded theatre or joke about bombs in an airport. That would be criminal.

    I mentioned in a prior (longer) post that hasn't seem to become visible yet that such things are matters for civil courts.

    Athena tells me in our now many off-blog emails that, for whatever reason at the moment, she cannot find my comments. Which is unfortunate as there are two “lost invisible comments” you may be interested to read. One is a small insight regarding appropriate channels versus drama, Another is a discourse regarding potential legalities, designed to serve only as social discourse.

    Perhaps someday you'll even get to read them here, If not, I can upload them to another site should you be interested and the admins here unable to find my missing comments.

    Carroll BryantDecember 9, 2012 at 6:31 PM
    Yes, Gen, I saw that. And thank you. The link I left in my response was a hint that I am looking into taking action. However, the information and links you provided are very helpful.

    You liked her well enough BEFORE you started picking shit with her on HER blog, didn't you? She even emailed and tweeted you for verification on your “STGRB is offline and moving” PSA on your own blog. Fact-checking which you later called stalking when it was convenient for you.


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