STGRB: Stalking Preteens


Because you’re such grand bully fighters, 
standing up for all that’s good and right, 
that you’ll stalk and harass a thirteen year old?

18 thoughts on “STGRB: Stalking Preteens

  1. Looks like they've got links to Actual Anti-Bullying sites back up, too. I wonder how long that will last.

  2. I have to wonder if he even knew her age or didn't care. I would like to think that he didn't, but, knowing his past, which was blogged everywhere but Mars including his own blog, I'm not so sure. Does he tend to gravitate to younger reviewers or does he not notice the difference in age according to their writing or voice on posts? Do her parents know and what happened.

  3. What a pathetic, fearful and bizarre world Douthit and her mentally deranged little friends live in. Someone tweets at them – omigod, they're being stalked! A couple of thirteen year olds review or shelve books by adults in a less than flatering way – omigod, the adults are being *bullied*!

    Someone writes to Douthit to warn her she could face retaliatory action for her behaviour – Douthit has to run to the police because she's being threatened! Someone writes to her *privately* with proof that Douthit is the one putting her in danger by publishing private information, and Douthit screams about being doxxed, and wants the FBI involved!

    Wah wah wah! It's such a big scary world out there.

    Douthit wants authors and the feebleminded to think of her as their protector, but when she can't even suffer the slings and arrows of an everyday existence, run a website even slightly competently, or learn the definitions of bitg words she chucks around like confetti, she couldn't protect a baby mouse from being stepped on.

    Hey fellow writers! The world isn't that bad. You might try dealing with it and reality sometimes.

  4. Keep up the great work (please?). These STGRB nuts have no common sense. They have posted minors on their site, castigated them, and just don't GET that they are targeting minors and may be responsible for any fall out that occurs. Shitbags? Yep.

    I love how they continue to make excuses for their crappy behavior. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, justifies outing a minor.

  5. This is your so called proof? Really?

    STGRB lists are stalking and harassment but your BBA listopia isn't? Your Badly behaving authors bookshelves isn't?

    How can your lists be “fine” but their lists are “stalking” and “harassing”?

    By the way, 13 is not “preteen” – 13 is actually a teen. A preteen is 11 and 12 years old. Thought you might like to know.

    You're welcome. 🙂

  6. Stalking and harassing has no age limit. You people do it too. Just because they are authors doesn't take away from your evil deeds either. If an author kills them self because of your horrible words that you post, shopuldn't you be held liable by a court of law also?

    Gen, how old are you? If I had to go by your posts I would say around 10.

  7. Well, listing the profile of a minor on their “Badly Behaving Goodreaders” is far from a-ok. 😛 Since, she is a MINOR and some crazy person might decide to go after her, e-mail her, threaten her. And come on, accusing a 13 year old of bullying adults (even if they don't behave like adults) is just ridiculous.

    Really? GR bookshelves' names are bullying? If anyone thinks that they shouldn't get out of their house. Imagine if someone bumps into them… the bullies. Or if their boss rants at them because their work sucks (the bully)! How do people EVERYWHERE deal with it I wonder. 😛

  8. I would say your response is more in line with the preteen actually, and totally irresponsible. Gen has more intelligence and empathy than you have in your big toe. Not every response made in anger or in defense of someone is considered bullying. Sometimes it's just an opinion or judgement call. The repeated outbursts of anger and maliciousness directed at certain individuals over a period of time is bullying. The constant never ending harassment of someone is bullying. Get out the dictionary and do try not to fit the definition into what you do in order to make it fit to your needs. I know you think you are right in your justifications that swirl around in your brain so that everything fits nice in your box, but that does not make it true. No, we do not bully people, those people are not here. You are entitled to your opinion and so are we. I would have to say that someone who attempted suicide because of a minor who you think is a bully would not be stable in the first place. I also resent your implications that someone here or on GR let alone a minor is capable of forcing someone into suicide because of bad reviews, shelving or talking bad about someone on threads. If they are aware of trash talking from someone, and it's their option to talk about someone, their response to said trash talk is then over the top, then that person needs to seek help and wasn't stable in the first place. I wouldn't say that one last straw is the one who is the sole person responsible. That unstable person is the one who is responsible for their life, their own mental health and well being. If a bully commits to a constant barrage of harassment online to a particular individual over a period of time that is so overwhelming and over the top, then yes, I would feel that they should be held responsible for their actions. Do you see the difference?

  9. Oy Vey.

    A regular, healthy ADULT does not commit suicide due to criticisms. Ye olde regular adult who has a career, tends to meet with criticism, and harassment on a fairly regular basis, especially if they are in a competitive career field. Most of us just get the fact that this is part of life.

    How profoundly ignorant are you to believe that an adult commits suicide over a bad review or a reader shelving? Hello? People commit suicide because they have underlying psychiatric issues. Your regular healthy adult does not. So no, critique and opinions DO NOT cause a person to the most final act of committing suicide.

    Please stop with the drama. In the end, an author puts out a product and expects some sort of financial gain from it. If they can't deal with criticism, then they should not be a seller of any sort. Period. Again, your regular healthy person (not dealing with a pre-existing psychiatric issue) does not take their own life over shelving issues.

    Sheesh, please stop belittling suicide and the underlying psychiatric issues that tend to go hand in hand with the act. Drama much?

  10. Okay, so…putting authors onto “Badly Behaving Authors” lists is bullying?

    What is it, then, when a group of people openly associated with STGRB create close to a hundred sockpuppet accounts on Goodreads, and use those accounts to vote authors onto that list who spoke out against STGRB?

    What is it, then, when the STGRB posts outright lies on their website about authors who have spoken out against them? When they claim those authors sockpuppet their reviews, or pay for reviews, or harass readers who didn't like their books? When they invent “friends who are NY editors” and claim those friends think said authors are ridiculous and everyone laughs at them? When they do this not just on their lousy little blog, but on other websites and blogs?

    Is any of that bullying?

    And by the way…I'm disappointed in the idea that it's completely laughable that someone might consider suicide after being lied about and seeing their reputation trounced upon in such a fashion. I can assure you it is incredibly upsetting. Not a bad review–professional authors accept bad reviews and move on. But being lied about, seeing one's name smeared publicly, seeing one's reputation deliberately and maliciously attacked, over and over again? All because you said “Outing reviewers is a bad thing to do?”

    When your name is all you have, and your reputation is all you have, and a group of malicious little jerks decide it's fun to spread the word that you're a liar, a sneak, a moron, and a hypocrite… Sorry, but that is incredibly painful, even when you know nobody's taking anything those people say seriously.

  11. Oh, hi. *waves* I just discovered this post today.

    I am really quite amused with STGRB's decision to put me on their list, because it just goes to show how incredibly hypocritical they are. My blogger friend Blythe was targeted by STGRB a few months ago. They claimed she had been harassing a minor and went to great lengths to tell us how horrible doing that to a minor was.

    I find it absolutely hysterical that they bitch about Blythe 'bullying' a minor, and yet myself and other teenage reviewers – no, I'm not the only minor on the list – are featured on there.

    They use the word 'bully' in such a ridiculous manner, especially since they've begun adding reviewers who simply have a 'no-thank-you-shelf'. I don't know if I'm on there because of the 'non-merci' shelf I have, or because I've clashed with a certain indie author a few times, but either way, STGRB is moronic.

    Bullying, by their definition, is any person who openly refuses to read a book. Having encountered various instances of bullying in my life, this pretty much offends every victim of bullying ever.

    I wish they'd take a step back and realize that all this needless hate and chaos was caused by them being butthurt (eurgh, I hate that term, but it fits) over some bloody books and reviews.

    BOOKS AND NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Is it worth all this shit we've been through? I think not.

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