Fair Reporting: Bryant Comments

I found this screen shot in my email yesterday.

Although I can’t say I’m surprised, I confess I wasn’t amused, either. And I’m usually amused when someone dons high heels and dances backwards, fast and awkward, just for me. But this one? It just left me flat.

However, in the interest of fair reporting, I thought I’d clear this up in a few comments and screen shots.

Warning, the link goes to STGRB site; Bryant made the comment above on this post.

I would go and comment on GenXpose blog but … I got banned from commenting there. 

Have you been banned? Did someone contact you to tell you that you had been banned? Can you read the blog? How, exactly, have you been banned?  Did your comments not go through? Do you mean that someone put your comments on moderation because you showed no self control in making them? Are you objecting on STRGB, a site that moderates and edits its comments to suit them, to being moderated here?

It seems like she doesn’t want “constructive” opinions from both sides either, just as they claim STGRB doesn’t allow. 

Oh, so you think your opinions are constructive, is that it? Would you define constructive as your extremely rude, inaccurate and accusatory introduction to me here? Or perhaps constructive to you is racial slurs, derogatory comments about women, false accusations and allegations?

I give up. What do you think constructive means?

Having had MANY run-ins with the bullies, I have learned, they don’t make any good argument when you allow them to comment. 

Are you admitting that you do not allow open comments on your own blog? Because you moderate the comments on your blog at all times, don’t you?

They never show proof or evidence to substanciate any of their claims nor do they allow evidence against them when you try to post it after they request it! 

Evidence to support our arguments has been posted all over this blog. Did you miss it somehow? Difficult to do, I should think, considering it resulted in allegations of doc-dropping for posting public information.

But let’s argue facts instead and, for reference, it all happens on this post from last week. I made a post proving that Athena Parker is Melissa Douthit and she is behind STGRB. In it, I showed public evidence. This is the part that mentioned you because you posted a Public Service Announcement on your blog about STGRB being offline. You’ve since deleted the post but I included a screen shot for reference.

Note:  Click on a screen shot to enlarge it for easier reading.

That’s it. That’s all that was said about you and why, including the screen shot of the PSA you posted on your blog, now deleted, shown below.

This was your response to the above. You’ll notice it’s not reasonable or constructive, nor is it on topic. It’s an aggressive, unstable rant instead.

And that was your entrance on this blog, Mr. Bryant. Not a very good first impression, I’m sure you agree. However, for all my efforts, your conduct did not improve. But I’ll show you  in chronological order and let your words (and mine) speak for themselves.

Mr. Bryant, your blog’s comments are moderated. You often elect to not put comments others make on your blog posts through. You even delete entire posts you’ve made there, as shown in the screen shot above. By your logic, it seems like she you doesn’t don’t want “constructive” opinions from both sides either. But, then again, I’ve never come to your blog and behaved in such a way that I should require such moderation. I did not curse, use racial slurs, make derogatory remarks about women, indulge in threatening statements to others, or refer to minors or relationships with minors in an inappropriate way. That was you. You did that here. You did that before anyone took you to task on it, as shown in the comments section of that post, and it was your choice to behave that way.

I asked, “This is what you own. Is it worth it?” Obviously, it’s not worth it. However, this was your choice so please stop trying to blame others for the results of your poor decisions. What you don’t own? It owns you. 

118 thoughts on “Fair Reporting: Bryant Comments

  1. I would call you Miss … but you're not a lady. So ……

    And GR did have an advinced author program when I was a member and it did cost money. Perhaps they changed it, I don't know. I'm not a member anymore. (Thank God)

    And really, attacking mispelled words? really? Like you people never do it? Really? How childish. Grow up.

    My real name was spelled like that. If you have proof that it wasn't, show me. How do you think I came up with that name? In the military, you always write your name – last name first, middle initial, first name last – that's how I came up with it. But you wouldn't know this because you don't know me. Yet you continue to pretend that you do.

  2. ” I was on GR for over a year and nobody hated me until your friend posted an email claiming that I sent it to her. (I haven't seen it so I can't verify 100 percent that i wrote it or if it was manipulated) And you're trying to tell me that all of a sudden, in one moment, all of you just decided to hate me? Your friend confessed to a mutal friend of both of us that she (Jude) sent some people to my GR blog. Your friend went on to admit that those friends got other friends and boom! “

    Lovely story, but it's fantasy. Real story described in full here:

    Also, I have no idea what 'mutual friend' you're talking about. I only know jude from her postings on GR. She is not and has not been a friend of mine, nor do I know most of the people who were shouting at you over your nastiness at GR. Nastiness which was so horrible that news of it quickly spread around the Twitter- and Blogosphere -which is where I heard of it.

    “how did you people know if she didn't tell you? “

    You want us to take your word for it when every word you've uttered in comments on this blog has been false? Jude has described her relationship and her feeling of fear and loathing towards you several times in public, and I've seen those. She's been consistent. You're the one confecting and deleting evidence. You're also the one cuddling up to a liar and bully – that's Melissa Douthit.

    ” I still see news reports about a famous actor or singer who gets “stalked” by a fan on Facebook, ect – and they report it on the news as “being stalked”. “

    Yeah and you call being reviewed negatively being bullied – doesn't make it so.

    The abbreviation is 'etc', BTW. Stands for 'et cetera', which is Latin:


    It's not just some random combination of letters you can chuck around to hide the fact you're talking out of your bottom again. Learn to spell.

    I'm older than you, Brian. I know it's a novel experience for you to speak to women who are perimenopausal rather than barely out of nappies, but I've already told you that you're misspelling my name, and not to use it anyway. Show some fucking respect, you little squit.

  3. You're begging for a deal because she outed you for lying here


    and you're slowly starting to realize you've been continuously bested

    She's been giving you good advice and chances since your nasty debut but now you wanna deal? Because you're losing. She's got you by the short hairs. She's better than you.

    Well she's responded to your demands and she's fuckloads nicer about it than I would have been.

    Fuck it up. I wanna see her take you down with the class and hard evidence I've come to expect from her.

  4. Be that as it may, Cheri, there are many people who do not know how to access that information. It still takes a shady “character” to post it. And let's face it, if STGRB did the same thing, you would be all over them.

    As for them having done it in the past, i don't know. I honestly never seen it on their site but I have seen screen shots – still – that being the case, they did take it down and apologized.

    Now, according to your “standards” – I could call information (411) and get the address and phone number of say, you? And if it was public and they gave it to me, then according to you, it would be okay for me to post it on my blog, Correct?

    I'll keep this conversation in mind. You know, for future refernce.

    But do you see where I am getting at? Even slightly? Even if your personal info was accessible via the phone / phone book, it would still be “un-ethical” for me to just go posting it up on my blog.

    Are you telling me that you would be okay with that?

  5. “you're not a lady.”

    So you're the expert on gender now?

    “And GR did have an advinced author program when I was a member and it did cost money.”

    No they never did, and you are a liar. Baldfaced and demonstrably a liar.

    ” How childish. Grow up.”

    Caring about the right use of language isn't childish, nor is spelling someone's name right.

    Your real name is not Bryant Carroll. Stop lying.

    “Yet you continue to pretend that you do.”

    I don't know you, and am proud of that distinction. But I know what you are. A liar, a sexist, a wimp, a racist, and a coward.

  6. Mr, Bryant, no one was doc-dropped on this site. The use of common, legal, publicly accessible information from a domain registration Whois is not doc-dropping. Cease and desist these allegations immediately.

    Furthermore, this is for you, by your request, although I am starting to think perhaps you don;t deserve the opportunity.


    Last but not least, this sounds like a threat to me.

    Now, according to your “standards” – I could call information (411) and get the address and phone number of say, you? And if it was public and they gave it to me, then according to you, it would be okay for me to post it on my blog, Correct?

    I'll keep this conversation in mind. You know, for future refernce.

    Let me be very clear, Mr. Bryant. What you have experienced until now is my polite and courteous self. Threaten her again – in any way – and find out how fast that changes.

    I hope I'm made myself completely clear.

  7. Brave anon said: You're begging for a deal because she outed you for lying here.

    Carroll says: I am not begging for anything. (See how you people manipulate and twist everything to fit your warped minds?) I merely offered her a chance to address what it is that she thinks I need to own. (It is in this post at the end, if you care to take a look) Because I own everything I have ever said. I am just trying to figure out what exactly she feels I haven't owned up to.

    Brave anon said again: and you're slowly starting to realize you've been continuously bested.

    Carroll says: I haven't been bested. Hell, most of what i have said you people have strayed away from because you know I am right. (Again, spin, twisted, warp mind thingy I mentioned previously)

    Anon: She's been giving you good advice and chances since your nasty debut but now you wanna deal? Because you're losing. She's got you by the short hairs. She's better than you.

    Carroll: I don't want a deal. I just offered … never mind, already explained … anyway, as for nasty, like how nasty you people have been to me with all of your name calling? (I refer you to previous comments above) Hypocrites.

    Nobody has me by short hairs. Gesh. Talk about spin city. You sure you people aren't into politics?

    I didn't demand anything. But oh boy, this should be fun.

  8. Good evening Sonny. Happy belated New Year! How was it for you? I'm sure everyone loves to celebrate their own special day, right?

    Anyway I want to ask something. A few comments up you stated, “Her IP still shows up on my blog constantly.”

    I'd like to ask how you know this? I ask because Blogger does not report personal information. Google explicitly states that it won't share that information in its TOS.

    I guess we all know that Analytics would once upon a time. There was a few special hidden tricks to make it work. But that was once upon a time. They changed that, what was it, six months ago? Further more it looks like you have Analytics turned off in your blogger template.

    Don't get me wrong. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt so I took a really close look. It took a few minutes since there are over 3000 lines of HTML in your blog template. But I didn't see any reference to any service that allows any IP tracking. In fact, you use nothing more than the standard widgets provided through blogger, except for the GoodReads thing and something else.

    I'm just curious how your managing that kind of magickery? Because, to be honest, I could use that kind of knowledge in my line of work.

    Let me know Sonny.

  9. C, you are a liar. Here is a screen shot of the unedited post in which you call Ade a stupid monkey.

    And you are sorely lacking in understanding exactly what racism is. It is not simply hating someone because of the color of their skin.

  10. I see the Genizens are quite capably handling Mr. Carol Bryant, or Bryant Carroll … Captain Carroll Crazy Pants

    A-snarking we will go, a-snarking we will go, hi-ho the derry-oh, a-snarking we will go…

    Obviously, you don't know how to read. I already answered that and in that answer i said, I wasn't calling HER a monkey, I was calling ALL OF YOU MONKEYS. The fact that she is a person of color is coincidence.

    I wasn't there for any of this, but I have seen the post and I have observed your behaviour here. When you mean “you people” you quite clearly (and frequently) say “you people”, without fail. You expect us to buy that? Let me give you some advice. It is never a good strategy to underestimate your opponent. You seem to think that claiming ignorance of “monkey” being a racist term, and that you only meant the term to be derogatory makes it better. The fact that you would use ANY derogatory term in your discourse speaks more volumes than you could ever poorly write. You have a very nasty habit of berating women. Considering how few are willing to give you the time of day, you may want to rethink that practice.

    Carroll says: My story has never changed. Show proof of where my story has changed? I would certainly like to see it.

    For a writer, you certainly don't seem to like READING too much. Then again, you're not much of a writer, either.

    You know, some writers do that you know? Use pen names. It's quite common.

    So, you expect us to accept that it's perfectly okay for you to use a “pen name”, but you have serious issues with other people who do the same? Just a wee bit inconsistent there, chumley.

    You dared compare your use of a pen name with a real author like Samuel Clemens? I almsot gave myself a Richter's hernia laughing at that. Have you ever seen a white belt beginner who thinks they're Bruce Lee? That's you.

    “Carroll Bryant was my real name only spelled backwards.”

    Your “leagal” name was Tnayrb Llorrac? That must have been awkward. The teasing you obviously got from all the other kids must have been fierce. Your parents should have been arrested for cruelty. It would have been kinder to name you “Sue”. Was the “T” silent? That would make it easier to pronounce.

    No. I might be blonde, but I'm not that blonde.

    For starters, the pics I'm looking at, you aren't blonde. No, not those fake-ass male-model pics that you stole and tried to pass off as your own. I'm talking ones like you “alone with your thoughts”. You're looking awful lonely in that pic. Just sayin'.

    Secondly, in the time I've been observing your posts, I've seen you disparage Mexicans, women, African-Americans, and now blondes. Are there any other personal bigotries you'd like to share with us?

    And switching to the serious for a moment, Gen's post above is showing you a little grace that you absolutely do not deserve. Some more free advice: Be wise for once and accept that grace.

  11. So, uh… thought you said you got banned from commenting here. You sure that wasn't just something you made up to suit your martyr complex?

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