Throwing down the gauntlet, or The Logic Behind Your Epic Fail

because your public domain registration information is shown in this post.
Please explain how you’ve been doc-dropped using public records 

containing the information that you yourself made public

I wanted to give you the opportunity to talk your way out of this one
and best of luck making your ridiculous allegations stick.

One from Anon:
And then Gen posts Athena’s and Melissa’s addresses and phone numbers and somehow that’s just fine.  Doesn’t put these two women in danger at all, does it?
It is telling that Gen deleted the comment verifying that Athena and Melissa were neighbors.  I guess she couldn’t handle information that didn’t fit her theory.  I wish I had taken a screenshot of the comment to show you guys.

FAIL – The information posted here is the public information Douthit chose to input when the domain was claimed. If she was concerned for her welfare, why would she choose to reveal it? 
FAIL – If you assert someone has been doc-dropped, is it not counter-productive to post the link in public? 
FAIL – No comments were deleted. They are still visible on this blog. A screen shot has already been provided for you in a previous post. 
And one from Observer:
You all remember that loser named GenX you banned from your site a while back? Kudos to you because she just published a douchebag post revealing Melissa Douthit’s private information.
It was bad enough when Lucy Low Life threatened to do it. This wanker actually did. No wonder you banned her. The hypocrisy of these people never ceases to amaze me. Aren’t they the ones who were complaining about putting “women in danger”!?!?
Does Melissa know about this? Maybe someone should tell her. I mean, the information this asshole posted is nothing we haven’t seen except for the fact that she actually lists Melissa’s address and phone number. Melissa should know. Like the other bullies, Gen drew links between Melissa and Athena, but – get this – someone tried to give her information verifying that Melissa and Athena used to be neighbors in California and Gen removed the poster’s comment! I just thought you should know.

FAIL – No one revealed any private information. This has been covered many times. You seem to rely on the wayward thinking that repeating a lie will make it true somehow. This is not so.
FAIL – If you believe someone has been doc-dropped, why would you make a public show of posting the link? Would that not be further doc-dropping?
FAIL – Someone who believes themselves to be in danger does not put their own information into the public domain.
FAIL – Melissa knows because it was her choice to create both sites and use the information listed on their registrations.
FAIL – Didn’t “Athena” deny knowing “Melissa” until the association between the two names was outed by other bloggers? Since then, a carefully crafted story about “being neighbors” has been created. Convenient.

Well, if Melissa didn’t know about this, she does now. She just contacted us to let us know that she received a threatening phone call and unlike Lucy’s phantom stalker phone call, this one was actually real. We got her permission to post about this on our blog and are doing everything we can to help her. We won’t repeat what the person said to her but rest assured, they didn’t call to inquire about her well being. The caller’s number had a 503 area code. For those that don’t know, that’s Portland, Oregon. We’re not at liberty to publish the number here and we don’t want people calling this person. I think the caller has enough to worry about anyway because Melissa is taking the number along with links and screenshots of Gen’s blog to the police. All we can say is that this is really serious and it’s a good thing she reported Lucy and Foz to the police back in August. Now she can refer to the police report that was filed to show them that these people are indeed stalking her.

FAIL – You belittle the same crime you allege when it is suffered by another.

FAIL – If this crime has been committed and reported, there is a number on the legal documentation that does not give any information about the claimant.  Provide this number, at no risk to you, for verification that this is an ongoing investigation.

FAIL – Why don’t you tell us what this person supposedly said?

FAIL – What, exactly, is STGRB doing “to help her(you)”?

FAIL – What is the police report number on the complaint? I’d be happy to verify its existence for you.

FAIL – Is it “really serious” when someone posts the public information you chose to include to register your domains – but it’s not serious when you maliciously fully doc-drop the private, unlisted information and daily schedules of several members of Goodreads, their families and children out of spiteful revenge and bitter hatred?

FAIL – I’ll take the numbers for those reports on “Lucy and Foz” as well. Do not worry that I will know your personal information. They would not give it out. They will, however, verify those reports actually exist. So let’s have all these supposed report numbers right now so we can prove you’re being “stalked”.

FAIL – No reports exist. When you file such a report, the first person ;law enforcement investigates is the person making the claim. I have no doubt that Melissa would not wish her activities to be investigated.

FAIL – You have, however, notoriously doc-dropped others.

Let us return to your claim that you’ve been doc-dropped by the posting of public information you made visible and available when you registered your domains. This is a comparison of the information about STGRB made available to the public on the evening 10 January 2013 and the afternoon of 15 January 2013..

PUBLIC 10 January 2013 STGRB
PUBLIC 15 January 2013 STGRB 

I see you have had time mask the information from public view using a proxy again. 

This is a comparison of Douthit’s public site information,  from 10 January 2013 and 15 January 2013, made available to the public by her and knowingly visible. 
PUBLIC 10 January 2013 DOUTHIT
PUBLIC 15 January 2013 DOUTHIT
I will now ask what the rest of you are probably already thinking.
If Douthit fears for her personal safety, why would she list this information, knowing it would be available in a simple a public records search since its introduction in March 2011? If she currently had reason to fear for her personal safety, why is the information still publicly available? If she reported crimes against her, wouldn’t law enforcement remove such information from public records? 
Answers are as follows: she would not, she would not, and yes they would. 
You have not been doc-dropped. You have not been bullied or harassed. You are not being stalked. No crimes have been committed against you as Douthit or STGRB. There are no phone calls, no reports, no police, no lawyers and no evidence. However, I understand that crimes by STGRB are being reported. If contacted, everyone involved with this blog would be happy to comply with such requests. 
Which reminds me, I have an appointment. Please pardon. 
AreaFive for GenXposé

82 thoughts on “Throwing down the gauntlet, or The Logic Behind Your Epic Fail

  1. okay, prove I am Melissa then. Or Brian. Or whoever you think I am.

    We already did. It was a set up. There's no getting around it, you're busted.

    You can moderate my comments all you want.

    Yes, I can. How's it feel, ya little control freak?

    I still know you are reading them

    My goodness but you're cranky that you can;t post here! How many comments have you made – a dozen or so? Quite frankly I let most of them sit but I appreciate that you yell “How high!” every time I tell you to jump. It's endearing how eager you are to please me. 🙂

    and that mean you and I both know how full of shit you are.

    No, that is a logical fallacy. Non sequitur (Latin for “it does not follow”) to be precise.

    That's good enough for me.

    I'm aware of your low standards, yes.

    You really think Melissa is the only author who doesn't like you?

    And being liked is important to me. (Quit laughing, folks.)

    Think how many authors have had their book falsely rated and have had false accusations made by them about your little bully group.

    My little bully group? It's just me. I'm one person. Perhaps I imagine I might look plural if you've been drinking but I assure you I am am individual. I've reviewed PN Elrod, Laurell K Hamilton and George RR Martin. Maybe you're right. Maybe they hate me for it. Or maybe you should do your homework before you spout off foolishly in public.

    Trust me there are more than a few. You yourselves keep track of the lists of hundreds.

    Trust you? No one trusts you. You've proven to them that they can't.

    The only person I am talking to is you. Try posting under your own account or would that require too much of this?

  2. STGRB will not accept the challenge to prove she was doc dropped. That is why he went on to prove they were NOT doc dropped.

    I'm getting the “StalkTGRB treatment” because I dare to speak up about them. I've set traps for her, exposed her lies and made her look even more foolish than she already does. Which is hard to do, mind you, as she looks pretty damn foolish already.

    I want everyone to know what this woman's done and my best partner i exposing her has been Melissa. She's her own worst enemy.

  3. “You doc dropped me by putting information I already put out all over the net on your blog! – Melissa Douthit/STGRB”

    Jumbo shrimp
    Act naturally
    Found missing
    Abundant poverty
    Good grief
    Same difference
    Almost exactly

    No wait, those oxymorons make sense. Never mind.

  4. Methena did not say that. Tell me Methena did not say that. There's a frog in one of our research labs that's smart enough not to post something that stupid. Could Methena be outsmarted by a frog?

  5. Crazy Pants – can we just put the pedophile story to rest?

    FACT: You pursued a 17 year old for a romantic relationship when you were in your mid-30s (and one site reported you in your late 40s!). You even wrote about your heartache when the romance didn't happen.

    FACT: Before you did your big delete everything and deny it all move, there were screenshots made dude including this one:

    Remember this? You absolutely say you are having pedophile dreams and top it off by using phallic symbolism. Sorry, this was FUCKING CREEPY!

    Combine that with a crazy dude going on a full blown rant for days straight with no signs of him sleeping, you have led many to believe that you are in fact a deranged person with pedophile tendencies.

  6. “(and one site reported you in your late 40s!)”

    Carroll Bryant is 49.

    “Sorry, this was FUCKING CREEPY!”

    You look up 'creep'y in the dictionary, and you won't find his picture. But you will probably find the picture of some much younger male model he's stolen to use as his avatar.

  7. And if you look up the word “pedophilic” (the word he uses to describe his dreams — as in 'plural' dreams), there is not a lot of room for misinterpretation.

    Since Bryant is constantly reminding people of the meaning of certain words, let him lie his way out of not knowing what this one meant when he used it on his blog.

    Pedophilic: of or pertaining to pedophilia. Pedophilic

    Pedophilia:sexual desire in an adult for a child. Pedophilia

  8. Good work.
    Bullshit can only baffle when the truth isn't obvious.
    STGRB is standing on the edge of a cliff it seems, trying not to fall off.
    The two of them support yea saying, and that's no good for any author.
    I have repeated my grandmother's words numerous times when it comes to authors, publishers, publicists and agents.
    “Yea sayers and nay sayers ain't worth your time. Criticism is called that for a reason.
    Keep your skin thick and your shoulder slippery. Constructive criticism, no mater what direction it swings, is a good thing.
    Don't let your emotions rule.
    Opinions change with the weather, but truth stays solid.”

    If more authors took this advice to heart, STGRB would be done and over with before they started spinning those tall tales and using bad street gang tactics.

  9. Indeed. An author (or anyone) who gets nothing but fawning praise from friends and never gets truthful feedback about their work is destined to end up like those train wrecks you see on the audition episodes of American Idol. …”But my friends always say I have such a beautiful voice!” …then you need new friends, honey.

  10. Jesus you people scare me! (In a good way) You know everything, have thhe screenshots and GAH! I love it! love the whole site.

    FUCK STGRB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. “In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.”

  12. It looks like STGRB might be thinking about having multiple sites according to one anon comment under their latest post. Athena/Melissa comes back to say this is an excellent idea. As if having one place isn't bullying readers and reviewers enough:

    “A friendly suggestion, I would consider setting up alternate sites on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    With STGRB appearing on multiple fronts, it’ll be a lot harder for the Somerloons to try to shut down all of those sites, especially Tumblr.

    Keep up the excellent work.”

    -Squishy Foot

  13. Hacking, actually. They're claiming someone tried to “hack” their website by requesting a PW reset, but the screenshots they offer as proof (unaltered, but certainly out of context) don't really prove anything. All they prove is that someone requested a PW reset, and that they sent an e-mail reporting an IP address to a generic “abuse” address (the actual e-mail address is not displayed). They report that they received a reply assuring them that the cable company was “investigating” the IP address reported. Kind of funny (and by “funny” I mean “suspicious”) that they'd have screenshots of the other two e-mails, but not that one, no?

  14. I was thinking the same thing. For being such a screenshot-whore, it's awfully fishy that she didn't capture their reply and post it for the whole world to see. You'd think that would be the ONE EMAIL she would want to share.

    But no, she's just a lying douchecanoe.

  15. How about the many authors whose books were slammed, and about whom outright lies were told, by the STGRB folks? The authors who were targeted because they spoke out against the STGRB?

  16. Ann's right. They can't POSSIBLY put their crap in a place where complete strangers can observe and respond. They'll be pummeled to a pulp. CB will end up fetal and whimpering for mommy.

  17. Something I just remembered from my scambaiting days about IP addresses: it is (or was) actually rather a bit difficult for a private individual to identify another individual using an IP address. It was certainly possible, which is why we masked ours (or used an e-mail provider that did), but usually required something like a court order, since ISPs don't just hand that information out to anyone who asks.

    So. They claim to have an IP address of someone who requested a PW reset and have reported it to Comcast. I don't think they're likely to discover who it was what done it. Comcast isn't going to divulge who it is unless they get a court order, which seems unlikely, knowing what we know about their modus operandi. I think if they had a log of IP addresses they've banned, and could cross reference it to someone on that list, they'd have mentioned it in the post they made. Since they don't strike me as the types to pass up a chance to gloat, I'm going to assume that they can't tie this to someone they've banned.

    I'm sure someone smarter than me has already thought of this (and I could be 100% wrong, at any rate), and I don't know how much actual help this information will be, but it's something to think about, at least.

  18. This one's a no-brainer: I think it's easy for her to use a proxy (do a the whois on the IP address she references, you'll see), request a reset, tell the company it wasn't her, get a few screen shots of it to provide “evidence” for her fake hacking.

  19. I believe you have the right of it. I just mentioned it so that it might help take the wind out of their sails if they started crowing about identifying a “hacker.” Plus, you never know what might help spark an idea somewhere else. My personal opinion is that this hacker or hackers does not exist. 🙂

  20. #12,

    There are a bunch over at STGRB claiming that you are blocking them from this site. I suppose they don't realize the technical limitation via Blogger?

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