STGRB: Clearing up the latest wtf’ery.

Dear STGRB and all your aliases.

Congratulations on the new site (even if it only takes fifteen minutes to move a site and it took you days)  but, even though you insist the move was planned, you say you lost all your comments. Never fear, some of us still have them for you and we’re happy to share, just say the word!

But are you sure GoDaddy didn’t disable you after your non-compliance with multiple DMCA’s? To fight them would have meant giving Ann Somerville your real life information – or do you still  insist she’s lying?  Because that’s one hell of a DMCA complaint she has on you, girlfriend – and I think you’d rather sneak out of town in the middle of the night in a blind panic like you did than give out further information that proves you own STGRB, especially to Ann Somerville.

But that’s just me and what do I know, right?

I noticed from your latest post that you’re a bit cranky since I talked about STGRB – and as you admit that you clock IP addresses for purposes unknown, readers can see the whole post here courtesy of The Big Bad Wolf – but while I think it’s unfortunate that you choose to behave in this manner, there are a few corrections to be made.

The information used here is public information.

That’s right, all information shown and used is part of the public domain; not private in any way. It is found with great ease by way of free public access searches as shown in the screen shots. There is a difference between public and private domain registration information and posting public information is not illegal, or the many sites that house it would not exist. However, if you don’t want people to know your information perhaps you should re-register with Domains by Proxy LLC as it seems to better suit your purposes.

On your blog, you threaten me. I’ve committed no crimes so threatening me isn’t going to work. But it is, in and of itself, a crime. You then quote and expand upon an accusation that I deleted a comment that you are your own neighbor.

Gen drew links between Melissa and Athena, but – get this – someone tried to give her information verifying that Melissa and Athena used to be neighbors in California and Gen removed the poster’s comment! I just thought you should know.

Did you mean these comments? Because all the comments are still there.

You mention our prior exchange on STGRB back in December. You engaged in unethical behavior and I chose not to pursue it at the time. If you would prefer to be held accountable, I could be persuaded. Do let me know.

Great new donations button, by the way. And yes, Mr. Bryant, everyone knows exactly what you mean.


Gen Xavier

Humanity i love you because
when you’re hard up you pawn your
intelligence to buy a drink
ee cummings

Note: If these links don’t work, drop a note and I’ll replace them with one of the many links that do!

105 thoughts on “STGRB: Clearing up the latest wtf’ery.

  1. This woman is the sort of legendary failure that Encyclopedia Dramatica is made of. The posts here have drawn much attention, much unwanted attention, and I would not be surprised to see a mocking entry there quite soon.

  2. “She’s not going to be happy that Gen listed her private information on her blog.”


    Massive correction – no private information was ever listed on this blog. Facts or GTFO.

  3. Just to be clear, never thought for 1-second your site did any doc-dropping. Whois information has been publicly available since the beginning of the internet age and is very easily accessible. No way in hell would that ever be construed as releasing private information. It was also relevant information since you were trying to prove Douthit is in fact Athena, and you used it to support your theory.

    What STGRB did was far creepier and definitely illegal. Their message was clear: “We know where you live!” That is (at least) cyber-harassment if not full blown cyber-stalking. While they did not display street addresses or phone numbers (sorry, that is a common belief, but not true) they did identify the town where they lived, divulged their marital status including spouses name, showed their pictures, linked to a husbands twitter account, revealed a favorite restaurant (including location and time she regularly frequents it), discussed where one person liked to take a walk and other social behaviors, divulged the name of the company where one worked, posted email addresses, and even displayed a photo and name of their pet! (That last one really creeped me out!! Pets?!!) They also made it clear that will keep digging in hopes of revealing even more personal information. And while they claimed to have removed the information, much of it remained viewable in their tagging system.

    None of this information was relevant in proving that that these people's public Goodread ID was in fact the private person they wanted to identify. It was just crazy stalker statistics meant to frighten them.

    I love what you guys are doing. Keep it up. 🙂

  4. GenXFiles: I am not saying you did anything illegal or immoral. Or that you posted anything that couldn't be found easily online (what I meant is that YOU just collected public information, which is perfectly legal, while THEY probably collected both public – I think some of the pictures at least were public – and private information on their victims). I'm just saying I personally don't agree much with sharing information screenshots even if it is public. It's a personal opinion (and it doesn't mean I think you can't do it or that you're mean or whatever), because it could just happen that someone who can't look up this info on the internet (I can't, for example *blushes*) reads this and decides to do a threatening phone call. It could happen, unfortunately.

    I do agree that, with as many people as this person annoyed over the last six months the phone calls would probably already happened if they were to happen, but I still can't believe someone would be so crass and rude as to fake being a victim of harassment, especially when other women were victims due to the actions of her site. It's just too awful. I guess I'm just naive and don't want to think that it's a lie. Because that would be mocking the poor women who DID get harrassed even more… but I don't know anymore. 😦

    AreaFive: I did not say doc-dropping happened here. Even if I can't search for this information myself I am aware these kinds of data are readily available. 🙂

    Perhaps I didn't explain myself very well, and if so, I am sorry.

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