STGRB: Facts, Rumors & Speculation

So you wanna talk about this? Okay. Got it.

But I’m not one for unintelligible babble, so let’s do this right. Let’s talk facts, rumors, speculation and possible conclusions.

Fact: STGRB survives a few days into 2013 and mysteriously goes black.

Rumor: It is rumored that information about STGRB and its activities were released to the dark net and acquired more than five thousand hits within 24 hours. The site immediately goes down, leaving readers only GoDaddy’s contact page in its place. Rumors fly that the server was bombed in a swarm attack. More rumors make the rounds that the domain may have been purchased by another entity.

Speculation: Unfortunately, the dark net is difficult to navigate or verify without knowledgeable (and often insider) assistance. However, screen shots of the domain registration information, both past and present and in comparison, show the domain has been transferred to a company called Domains By Proxy LLC.  The owner may have had to buy back the domain. Domain purchases/transfers happen often and this is a viable theory.

Fact: Site’s up but goes right back down again.

Rumor: Rumors immediately fly about more server swarmings but whispers of viral, trojan and script attacks are now included. Futher rumors circulate that STGRB has been reported to law enforcement for illegal activity (bullying, endangerment and impersonation) and multiple counts of intellectual property infringements resulting in numerous DMCAs, which would be costly to deal with at best.

Speculation: Records show the phone number used to originally register the account comes out of Marina CA and the domain registration was done in Utah. That information can be easily investigated, including information on all properties involved, and the owner’s identity discovered prior to Domains by Proxy LLC. However, if information was released into the dark net and included any direct, off site communications from the owner, it would be easy to garner exact information. After that, it’s basically game over for anyone who knows what they’re doing. Given that the site housed evidence of alleged illegal activity, both theories have merit here, but there is no reported evidence of malicious attacks yet on readers from the site itself.

Fact: A few days later, Carroll Bryant announces STGRB is “shopping service providers”

Rumor: Why would the site suddenly need a new domain host? Rumors fly that multiple DMCA’s were too expensive and costly, law enforcement was notified, and/or the site has violated GoDaddy’s Terms of Service.

Speculation: You will not use this Site or the Services found at this Site in a manner (as determined by Go Daddy in its sole and absolute discretion) that  Is illegal, or promotes or encourages illegal activity:

Bullying, threats and impersonation are criminal activity and STGRB publicly allegedly engaged in such activities. This does not include matters for a civil court such as multiple counts of alleged defamation and slander. The owner may not even be aware of possible investigations. This theory has legs.

   Promotes, encourages or engages in terrorism, violence against people, animals, or property:

Such as being accused of listing the private information of others with encouragement to act under the guise of justice? This theory has legs and it runs.

   Infringes on the intellectual property rights of another User or any other person or entity:

Many screen shots used there violated DMCA laws. The process itself could be rather expensive as well as costly. This theory is solid and multiple counts will get a site deleted.

   Violates the privacy or publicity rights of another User or any other person or entity, or breaches any duty of confidentiality that you owe to another User or any other person or entity:

Accusations of doc-dropping make this a sound theory, especially wen you consider that the victim doesn’t need to be the one who reports the crime. The site may have been documented for further investigation and removed from access. If the site was pulled for other issues, such as DMCA complaints or financial matters, the owner may not even be aware of possible investigations at this time.

  Contains or installs any viruses, worms, bugs, Trojan horses or other code, files or programs designed to, or capable of, disrupting, damaging or limiting the functionality of any software or hardware;

If a site runs malicious script, it will be taken offline upon discovery. Once the script is removed, the site may come back online. Upon detection of another script, the site will be removed. This could account for the site’s disappearance, reppearance and removal.

Conclusion: STGRB has been so aggressive in its acquisition of enemies that it makes even speculation difficult.

But if I had to throw down on this one, my best guess is that someone made the wrong kind of enemy; the kind that takes action instead of argument. If information was released into the realm of the dark net, no matter where STGRB parks itself it will be under watchful eye. If law enforcement is involved, this is an open or pending investigation. One option does not negate the other, regardless of awareness, and neither is good news for STGRB.

Quite frankly, I’d rather have the law than anonymous on my ass for obvious reasons but that’s just me. After all, these people crack into Scientology, slam government servers, break into PayPal and take down Pedophelia rings. In any event, I can’t help but watch with curiosity and amusement as others become schooled in what many already know – There is always someone bigger, stronger, faster, smarter and better than you and the internet never forgets.

Once information is introduced into its domain, it’s there forever… just waiting to be found.

Edited to accommodate the request for screen shots and additional information. 

Note: This part’s new and it include screen shots. (I’m such a people-pleaser.)

A quick search shows that four days ago, STGRB was indeed trying to find another domain host.

The link currently leads here.

The new domain registration information is listed under “Athena Parker” and the information publicly listed may be of interest when compared with the past Domains By Proxy LLC info shown above.

Of interest is the fact that there is no such address. Queries for the phone number listed show this:

But there is no listing for an Athena Parker in Monterey. In fact, there are very few listings for an Athena Parker at all. So I took a closer look at Melissa Douthit’s information.

The similarities are striking. Both email addresses use yahoo. Coincidence? Maybe. The addresses registering the domains are mere cities apart, an easy drive. Is that also a coincidence? Not so sure. The phone numbers confirm that the owner registration information is in close proximity. 

Those pesky coincidences are starting to pile up, aren’t they?  Compare and contrast the domain registration information through GoDaddy.

Old registration information from less than three weeks ago.

New registration, snapped about half an hour ago.

Note the Administrative Contact Information address, which differs, seems to be an actual address and there is more information on the phone number. But I don’t believe in coincidences so we went back to Douthit’s info and dug a little deeper. For example, the address used is indeed a confirmed rental.

It seems Douthit’s somewhat infamous for outing reviewer Wendy Darling months after the incident that supposedly angered her, and there are many reports about her bad behavior well-documented across the internet. That’s far too many coincidences. Pile this on top and it just looks damning. 

But I digress. In early December I tried to post correct information to STGRB regarding the treatment of criminal activity. I took no sides but Athena Parker decided to play fast and loose on the site and behind the scenes. A public announcement was made that she banned me from STGRB.

This meant I could not access the site from the IP address I’d posted from and this message would come up.

But then it happened.

Now, I have never met Melisssa Douthit. We have never even exchanged a hello, not in real life or online. I have never been a part of any group she’s ever been a part of. I have literally never tripped over her before. Ever. Yet when I go to her site, this is what I see

when this is what the page looks like. using another address.

So, um, Melissa…

did ya just pull that address out of thin air?

Because the only way you’d know that address

would be from already blocking it.

You are Athena Parker, the bitter bully behind STGRB.

A fictitious site visitor knows that guy Gen, huh?

Fat lady, do your thing.

228 thoughts on “STGRB: Facts, Rumors & Speculation

  1. Hello, everyone.

    I'm trying to catch up and it's a bit challenging so please bear with me.

    Cheri and I want to welcome everyone new, named or nameless. Thank you for your support and contributions and, for those of you who have suffered or are afraid, I offer my sympathies and friendship.

    I want to thank everyone for being so kind to Britney. I used to babysit her (she's too grown up for that now!) and she is a lovely person.

    No matter how anyone else argues, we do not require your personal information in order to engage here. It is my belief that not everyone has the luxury of signing their name or being known, and I want to respect that as best I can.

    Also, I want to thank everyone who has emailed us. If you would like to email us we can be reached at genxphiles at hushmail dot com.


  2. Yes, whippet, thanks. I'm just a bit sad. People have been sending their stories and it's a bit upsetting. I ma trying very hard to fathom why anyone would behave so hurtfully to so many people. Not a new question but one I've never been able to find a satisfying answer for. I hope you're well. Give the kitteh scritches for me, yes? Hugs to you. 🙂

  3. “How long's she been at this anyways?”

    Since at least December 2011. This site's front page gives a timeline:

    As well as a list of the main players and the 'victims' of the alleged bullying, including Carroll Bryant who is in fact a predator, stalker and bully himself, rather than any kind of victim.

  4. From someone who has been watching all of this evolve since July:

    Carol, dude, from one author to another: STFU and move on. You've done yourself no favors associating with the STGRB site.

    If anyone has harmed your career, it was you throwing a tantrum because some book bloggers decided not to review your book. All you had to do was act like a professional and realize that's part of the business.

    Instead, you acted as though you were entitled, called a bunch of people “liars”, and then, began to reap what you'd sown.

    Seriously, STFU and move on already.

  5. Captain Carroll Crazy Pants. That made me crack a smile. Honestly, collecting donations is a very slippery slope one that doesn't allow one to be anonymous when the tax man comes a calling.

  6. I read this and I don't even know who the fuck you're talking to. Do you? Don't think so. For all we care you can fuck Melissa, Captain Crazy Pants. She's butt ugly so you're an even match. You haven't addressed one thing put to you, not by Cheri or Gen or anyone here, you're just regurgitating “your story” from when Goodreads burned you. You're bringing that here, not dealing with the people who are actually here talking straight at YOU, and the broken record of bullshit you spew is tired and old. Go home and use your own blog for those PA announcements and media spins, and stop digging for free press. You just look even more incredibly stupid than you already do.

  7. Face it, you're trashed, it's over and wailing like an angry baby leaves you all the dignity of a plucked and trussed chicken.

    This is not about you. It's about proving Melissa is behind STGRB. Stop making it about you, you narcissistic little fuck.

  8. I have also never, ever in my life, both personal or professionally on the blog, or on Goodreads, come across Melissa Douthit. In fact, before all this drama back in July, I had never even heard of her, she is that microscopic a speck on my radar.
    I spoke up against STGRB, on Twitter, on my blog, and on their blog, and never in a bullying fashion.
    I am now blocked from their blog as well as Melissa Douthit's own website, a site I had never before gone to – or heard of, until I recently read Ann Somerville's blog post connecting the two together. It was then that I realized I was blocked from her site as well.
    What a funny coincidence that Athena and Melissa are both blocking the same multiple IPs.

  9. Until yesterday, I've been a lurker in this whole thing. Having been the target of a sock puppeteer in the past, let's just say this whole story interests me. So yes, I've gone to the STGRB site to see what they're up to, as well as visiting Ms. Somerville's blog and a few other places. Interestingly enough, yesterday I left a comment here. It's the one above pointing out the meaning of sournoise in French.

    Right after that I went back to the STGRB site to see if there were any new comments on that first post. And guess what? I found myself blocked. Out of curiosity, I went to Melissa Douthit's site. Blocked there, too, and in the same way.


    So what made them block me, I wonder? How did they know I wasn't a lurker who was sympathetic to my cause. Did their site somehow place a cookie on my computer so they could track my browsing and see that I visited sites less than sympathetic to their cause?

    And if they did, does that put them in violation of their hosting agreement?

    What does anyone make of this?

  10. If you left a comment she may have gotten your IP from it. She makes no bones about collecting IP info. She also says she bans people habitually. Sounds like you made a comment she thought might be difficult in the long run and she banned you. if she banned you on STGRB she will ban you on her own Douthit site as well. She has done this to several people and you are in good company. However what else she does with the IP info she collects is anyone's guess. She has eluded darkly to it in the past, mostly to threaten or bully people, but that's illegal and reportable, so I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you.

  11. Congrats for putting comments on moderation. I bet Captain Carroll Crazy Pants head has exploded by now and wow do I want to be a fly in YOUR inbox ROFLMAO

  12. “Out of curiosity, the address and phone number of Athena and Melissa are they real or phony?”

    “r the addresses for real or phony? I need to fill up my car with gas and go for a drive.”

    SET UP!

    Still pretending you're in danger because someone posted the PUBLIC domain info that YOU put into the PD??? Did ya need a few comments for the blog so you came over here to set it up for your next post?

    “Carroll, they're winning. Now everyone knows my info was public and I put it out there. Damn it, they listen to reason and not my lies! We need a comment I can work with, something I can spin to prove I might be in danger…. I know! I'll make two anonymous comments like I'm calling and driving there. That will show all MY readers how much danger I'm in! I am brilliant!”

    GTFO and don't let the door hit where you're split.

  13. Same here. I admit to lurking on the STGRB site; never commented though because I knew they would just delete it anyway. I'd only been to Melissa's blog once, when I heard that she was suspected of being behind the site. Wanted to see who she was, had never heard of her before. Like I said only visited once. NEVER commented on either site, or Twitter for that matter. Noticed today that I am blocked from both STGRB and Melissa's blog. As was said, how do they know we weren't just some supporters? Definitely not, but I just think it's hilarious that I got blocked. Talk about paranoid.

  14. Yes, Carroll, because your “friends” at STGRB didn't spread complete libel about authors who spoke up against them (I have screenshots). And you didn't delete and then misrepresent comments posted on your blog by people trying–against all logic–to have a rational conversation with you.

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