The Walking Dead "Killer Within"

Yours truly Gen here, huge fan of The Walking Dead novels and TV show, and I’m telling you most solemnly: you do not want to miss this episode.

(Is it possible for me to stress this enough? I’m just not sure, so I’ll do it again. You really, really do not want to miss this episode.)

In many ways, this is the episode that many fans have been waiting for, and it’s the kind of episode that I like to refer to as “landmark”. This is the moment where everything changes. This is where our story arc pivots. Life changes. Fate intervenes. The plot twists and thickens. But, wait, does it sound like I know what will happen? That’s because I do.

Am I psychic? Only on Thursdays between twelve PM and noon. How do I know all this then? I hate surprises and I’m privy to spoilers, that’s how. So let’s circle back to my original plea, fellow Walking Dead fans. Don’t miss this episode. Just. Don’t.

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