Time is a resource. An investment, like anything else, and it’s often a good idea to evaluate how we spend our time. I try to be mindful. “Is this the best use of my time?” or “Is the way I spend my time in line with my values?”

Mentoring is invaluable.

Mentoring is relationship-based communication in which knowledge and skills are shared. Think you know something? Try to teach it. I guarantee you’ll find out you don’t know it as well as you think. Because your student will teach you many things you did not anticipate (if merely by asking questions) and, eventually, you will know your subject very well. By teaching, you learn more.

But there’s more to it. Give someone a fish and you feed them once. Teach them how to fish and they will never starve. Now I realize this may not appeal to the kind of people who seem to “need to be necessary” but those people aren’t mentoring anyone in the first place. They are merely feeding their own ego needs and none of this applies to them.

When I teach someone how to fish, so to speak, they will no longer need me. Oh, they may consult me from time to time but they won’t need me anymore, and that’s the idea. They can go fishing now any time they want to. But it pays forward, because now they are able to teach others those skills and help another person attain and maintain their independence as well. The importance of these key elements in any society or community is the difference between surviving or thriving. And, quite frankly, I want the people around me to thrive.

For whatever reason, we seem to lack mentoring in our circles of women. Perhaps this is why I put so much effort toward my fellow females in real life and online. I understand the nature of limited opportunities and the various mazes that comes with it. I’ve had amazing real life female mentors and I feel almost obligated to pay that forward. Personally speaking, I want every women who chooses to spend time with me to be as beautiful, accomplished, educated and impressive as they can be. Why? Because we’re associated. Her successes benefit me, her struggles illustrate mine. She is another resource for the community as a whole.

Now I realize that many women are raised in a society that back-handedly teaches the Highlander Mentality of Womanhood: There can be only one! I realize we are fed on fear that our needs will not be met or we will not be loved or appreciated if we are not number one, or the only one. That is a lie. You are your only competition. By choosing your associates wisely and investing in them well, you create an invaluable and time-honoured resource for them, community, society… and yourself.

While my efforts tend to be more geared toward real life mentoring, both as mentor and one being mentored by another, I can only urge you to consider how these ideas may fit into your life and enrich you. I may be posting more ideas on time and value in the future, so please stay tuned, and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on mentoring with us in the comments below.

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