The Best in Free Office Suites

In our effort to save you time and money and to bring the best of the web to you, we tested Productivity Suites to see what they had to offer.

KingSoft Office Suite 2012

The first download read as corrupted but a second try was the charm. The suite has a document writer, presentation and spreadsheets with configuration tools. It loads and functions like Microsoft Office but has an “export as PDF” in Writer as well. Easy to use, attractive and a clean uninstall, this is a good choice for anyone who wants the basics of the  Microsoft Office Suite but doesn’t feel like parting with unnecessary money to get it.


The oOffices

All the oOffice products are goodl however, choosing the right one depends on an honest assessment of your needs. OpenOffice is the original all the others are based on. It’s the heaviest and the most resource-intensive. OxygenOffice is the medium version and Go-Oo Office is the lightest but has been surpassed by LibreOffice, below. You don’t sacrifice quality with these products. The suites can do everything that Microsoft Office can do and take the OpenOffice add-ons and templates as well, increasing their functionality.

OpenOffice heavy C
OxygenOffice medium C+
GoOoOffice ()now defunct)


This is a fully developed productivity suite with Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. Cross platform, it’s easy to install and use. The universal stater allows you to access the entirety of the suite’s programs with one click. Functional and stylish, it’s feature-rich without being resource heavy. It saves in multiple formats and works well with any PDF creator. We don’t know how it uninstalls because everyone kept it.



The installer package downloads easily enough – choose the server location, the latest stable release, the application you want to try (like kscrooge for personal finances) and languages/spelling packs – and it’s just a matter of installing and using the product.  Although most people won’t enjoy reading all the instructions or the many choices they’ll be making, it is a standard office suite that’s easy enough to use on Linux, Mac or Windows. But are better solutions out there and the Windows version isn’t as stable as one might wish.



The download time varies with your bandwidth but files unpack in just a few minutes. It installs in less than 15 minutes with an option to be the primary program. Fully functioning, it does the things a standard suite should do and is a good choice for those who prefer the Microsoft Office kind of set up and feel. It is offered as a free download in the Google Pack and uninstalls fairly well.


The winner? While StarOffice and Kingsoft rated well, our hands-down keeper was LibreOffice. It’s a valuable and attractive total package with loads of features and extras, and unlike Microsoft Office, it’s free.  

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