Welcome to the Internet: where everyone has an opinion and, according to them, they’re right.

Many people insist that you can’t judge an opinion so it can’t be wrong. This is incorrect. It’s not only an attempt to dodge ownership of one’s “opinion” but it’s a poor attempt to be right by way of not being wrong.

It comes down to accountability, which constitutes credibility. For example, if it is your opinion that the earth is flat, science has already proven you wrong. Your opinions lose credibility and so do you.

What’s my point? Opinions can be wrong and to assume otherwise is foolish.

Furthermore, if you make a claim by “putting your opinion out there” but can’t back it up with real facts or solid evidence to support you, that’s your failure. You deserve to be dismantled by someone who actually can back up their opinion with facts and win the argument you’re trying to have.

But try not to lose sleep over it.

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