"Car Talk" hosts garage the show.

Magliozzi brothers ending their long run on ‘Car Talk’ 

The brothers behind “Car Talk,” one of the top shows on National Public Radio, are hanging up their microphones and calling it a career, saying it’s time to “stop and smell the cappuccino.” 

Ray, 63, and 74-year-old Tom Magliozzi have been doing the show, which mixes humor with real car repair advice, for 35 years (25 on NPR), and will do their last shows this September. Beginning in October, NPR will carry new shows made up of “best of” segments from the previous 1,200-plus episodes. 

“We’ve managed to avoid getting thrown off NPR for 25 years, given tens of thousands of wrong answers and had a (heck) of a time every week talking to callers,” Ray Magliozzi said. “The stuff in our archives still makes us laugh. So we figured, why keep slaving over a hot microphone?” 

It’s not good news, certainly, for NPR or the “Car Talk” faithful. 

“We’re certainly disappointed that they’re not going to do this forever. But … they’ve earned this,” said Eric Nuzum, vice president for NPR programming. 

The Magliozzi brothers, who both attended MIT, summed things up in typical “Click and Clack” (as they are known on the air) fashion: 

“My brother has always been ‘work-averse,'” Ray Magliozzi said. “Now, apparently, even the one hour a week is killing him!” 

“It’s brutal!” Tom Magliozzi said.

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