GoDigital: What YouTube users deserve to know.

We’ll just use the text in the video description for this one because it says it all.

URGENT – HELP – MIRROR FEATURE SHARE – IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? If this video spares just ONE person having to sacrifice their safety or privacy to fight a false claim on ANY video, or it makes a dent in the fraud and theft committed on the public domain every day here, this entire thing’s been worth it and we’ll take the bite for all the time, effort, energy, resources and Advil we’ve consumed over the last 6+ months just dealing with all this copyfraud crap. 

Watch below from this link. If this video has been flagged by GoDigital, you may see a copy here.


Because we still love those handy Top Ten Lists: 

1. False claims made on a YouTube video disputed through the Content ID Process should be immediately released through YouTube. 2. There should never be a reason to make users leave YouTube to use your forms 3. that require their real life information to even inquire about your false claims, much less have them removed. 4. Respond to your Content ID Programme emails promptly instead. 5. You upload the criteria to scan for, you should not be making false claims on the public domain at all. 6. It’s called copyfraud and it’s illegal. Who do you return the money you made off your false claims on the public domain to? You don’t, and you need to realize this is not a victimless crime. 7. We’re holding you accountable for your actions and policies because you are responsible for what you do, including fixing your faulty Content ID criteria to prevent it from making the claims on the public domain in the first place. 8. Why the video? You won’t respond to our serious concerns for privacy and safety, or theft. 9. If other people know what you’re doing they’ll demand the decency both YouTube users and the public domain deserve. 10. How many of us can you really afford to ignore? Guess we’ll find out.

Note: this video has no soundtrack but maybe they’ll all rush to claim it anyway and we’ll beat our own seven company claim on a no soundtrack video record here! http://youtu.be/C9Rya5JurZA

Their About Copyrights Page http://www.adshare.tv/copyrights
Their Manditory Dispute Form http://www.adshare.tv/copyrights/inquiry-dispute-form
Their YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/godigitaltv
Their Site http://www.godigitalvod.com/
Their Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/GoDigital
Their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GoDigitalMediaGroup
Their Google + https://plus.google.com/106635913517414644100/post
Their Emails: Kevin.Scott@godigitalmg.com, info@godigitalmg.com, 
Their Address and Contact Info: 
Rights Operations | GoDigital Media Group
AdShare Division | http://www.godigitalmg.com
1223 Wilshire Blvd. | Suite 1225 | Santa Monica, CA 90403-5400 | US
FAX +1 310.496.0650 U.S. Number
EMAIL RightsDispute.AdShare@GoDigitalMG.com

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