Dark Shadows

Long before True Blood there was Dark Shadows. 

Broadcasted live, television’s very first paranormal soap opera – complete with the obligatory upper crust, ghosts, naughty clergy, vampires, damsels in distress, magic, crypts, witches, villains, long-suffering matrons, haunted houses, gypsies, spooky kids, time travel, messed up medical practitioners and more – started out in black and white, and captured the imagination of a nation as it slowly bloomed like a fresh bruise into the new era of colour.

Considered a star-studded cult classic, you can often find seasons and episodes for sale or rent, and Johnny Depp’s taken on the lead in the 2012 remake. That’s how influential the show was and is. The ultimate in both camp and cool, Dark Shadows is legend and today’s a lucky thirteen kinda day: UncleShibby streams viewer-requested marathons every so often and he’s running one right now. Because nothing screams Happy Holidays like Dark Shadows, get more Barnabus for your (free) buck and drop in for a quick bite. Snap!

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