Comodo Dragon

What’s the difference between Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon?

Dragon encompasses all of the best features of Chrome. It includes an important feature every user needs for total safety today. – Strong security and privacy.

What makes Comodo Dragon better?

Chromium technology was engineered to offer users a Browser that surpassed Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer when it comes to speed, stability and convenience. Comodo Dragon includes stronger security features.

Why is greater security and privacy necessary? 

Simple. The Internet has grown up. Malware plagues the Internet. In 2009 alone, more than 25 million new strains of malware were created, causing a 400% jump in compromised Web sites worldwide. 

Venturing onto the Web today (in an age in which one continually reveals social security, bank account and credit card numbers as well as a plethora of other sensitive data) can be like walking down a hallway with portraits on the walls. Portraits with eyes that watch everything you do and people hidden behind them ready to take advantage, based on what you let them see! — Never have you needed to protect your privacy more! 

Comodo Dragon will run on Microsoft Windows 7, as well as Windows Vista and XP. Will trying Comodo Dragon cost me anything?No. Comodo Dragon is an  absolutely FREE download. 

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