Data Crow

Data Crow is the ultimate media cataloguer and media organiser.

Always wanted to manage all your collections in one product? You want a product you can customize to your needs? Your search ends here – Download now! Using Data Crow allows you to create a huge database containing all your collected items. You can use the excellent online services to retrieve the information instead of typing all the information yourself. Start using the ultimate cataloger today!

  • Platform independent and completely portable.
  • Highly customizable and feature rich.
  • Audio, software, book, movie and photo collection cataloguer.
  • Retrieve information from services like,, Softpedia and MusicBrainz.
  • Optional internal web server and web GUI.Import file information (mp3, divx, xvid, ..)
  • Loan registration.PDF and HTML reporting.
  • Create new modules to, for example, maintain your stamp collection.
  • Available translations: Italian, German, Dutch, English, Spanish and French.

Data Crow is 100% free and 100% free of ads, viruses and spyware. Data Crow runs on any system where Java 1.6 (or higher) from Sun is installed.

  • Loan Management 
  • Flexible on all fronts; allows you to add/remove/hide fields, design your own forms, skinnable, create your own modules (wizard based), etc.
  • Online services to retrieve the information on your items (, and many more) 
  • File parsing (divx, mp3, flac, pdf, jpeg, etc.)
  • Full feature desktop GUI and a light weight web server + GUI 
  • Mass item processing (online update + file parsing) Internal help system 
  • Advanced user management Advanced filters (which can be saved for later) 
  • Out of the box Data Crow catalogs books, movies, audio (CDs and/or files), images and software BUT can catalogue anything else as well 

Windows Vista / Windows 7 issues:  To overcome permission issues on Vista and 7 make sure to run the installer as an administrator user (if you do not know how to do this google ‘run as administrator’). This is sufficient for the installer to complete successfully. Additionally I would recommend not to install Data Crow in the Program Files folder. Vista and 7 are very restrictive towards programs running from this folder. This is an issue for Data Crow as it writes all information (settings and data files) to its very own installation folder.

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