You don’t know Jack.

Motivational crap doesn’t work on me. Maybe I’ve got a built-in resistance to anything that feels disingenuous or remotely like an infomercial. But when I say Jack LaLanne most people scoff. Ya think? Well, I got news for you: You don’t know Jack.

This man got me to eat better. He got me moving. He made me laugh and believe that I could do it. A genuine feminist in a culture riddled with misogyny, Jack was the pioneer who changed the way America ate, exercised and lived one frustrated housewife and scrawny teen-aged boy at a time.

Whether you’re dropping fifty pounds or the last pesky ten, trying to add muscle or just want to feel better, the Godfather of Fitness can and will kick your backside into motion. Try one week of his six week plan. No gimmicks. No tricks. Just common sense and the truth as he lived it. Easy. Quick. Painless. Timeless. Start here. Right now. Because I know Jackand so should you.

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