Learning Channel

If you like educational shows this is the channel for you. Billed as “Nature, Science, History, Space, Current events. Over 300 hrs of docs with new ones all the time” the JTV Learning Channel is one you won’t want to miss. Just click the link and tune in.

Current playlist streaming includes:
Deepwater Disaster
America Before Columbus
Ancients Behaving Badly – 8 episodes
Delphi-The Bellybutton of the Ancient World
Search for the Afghan Girl
Greek Myths-Tales of Travelling Heroes
Wings-Flying Coffins-The First World War in the Air
Earth Investigated-Stone Age Apocalypse
Prostitution-The Oldest Trade
LIFE – 10 episodes
Birds Britannia – 4 episodes
Earth-The Power of the Planet – 5 episodes
Great Rift-Africa’s Wild Heart – 3 episodes
Hottest Place on Earth – 2 episodes
Inside Nature’s Giants – 3 episodes
Lost Land of the Tiger – 3 episodes
Reptiles – 3 episodes
Planet Earth – 11 episodes
Hunt for Aliens
Swarm-Nature’s Incredible Invasions – 2 episodes
The Private Life of… – 3 episodes
Wild Russia – 6 episodes
The Changing Ape
Platypus-World’s Strangest Animal
ANTS-Nature’s Secret Power
David Attenborough’s First Life – 2 episodes
Attenborough’s Journey
The Death of the Oceans
Echo-An Unforgettable Elephant
The Dolphins of Shark Bay
The Monkey-Eating Eagles of the Orinoco
Return of the Rhino-A Last Chance to see Special
Africa’s Lost Eden-Gorongosa
Earth’s Evil Twin
Flying Sky Monsters
Giant Crystal Cave
Return to the Giant Crystal Cave
How Life Began
Insect Wars
Strange Days on Planet Earth
Chemistry-A Volatile History – 3 episodes
How Earth Made Us – 5 episodes
Invisible Worlds – 3 episodes
The Brain-Our Universe Within – 4 episodes
The Story of Science – 6 episodes
Fractals-Hunting the Hidden Dimension
Back From the Dead
Is Seeing Believing
What Makes a Genius

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